Advertising Catalog Free Download PSD

Advertising Catalog Details and Templates

The catalog is the best method for marketing and promotion. It is an extended version of the brochure since the contents are more detailed and comprehensive. It explains the products, offers, services, pros, and benefits, including the prices. This is what you can see from the advertising catalog.

Advertising Catalog Creative Ideas

You should understand that a catalog must adjust the related industry or business. The catalog for advertising and service business is different from fashion, consumer products, and cars. It is not just a list of services and packages. Moreover, the catalog contains an explanation of the benefits of why clients should choose this service.

The idea of the advertising catalog starts by choosing the main theme. For your information, advertising is a competitive business. Clients must know what you can do, and the catalog is similar to a resume. It tells the capability and capacity that business will deliver. The theme and idea must convince people to choose your service.

Advertising Catalog Design and Style

You can adapt the standard design for this catalog. It starts with the usual front cover, few pages, to the last page, including the back cover. The style should adjust the theme that the advertising company implements for the catalog. Some samples and templates will be useful as references. Make sure you have the proper style that represents what people want to see from your business.

Advertising Catalog Items

To understand about advertising catalog, you can learn from its items or components. Check more explanation at the following list.

  1. Business name and title

Every catalog starts with a business name and title. As similar to the brochure, you can put the name of the company, and something that catches attention. You can use phrases that reflect the entire contents and theme.

  1. Business capabilities

The next thing is to explain business capabilities. This part shows the resources you have, including the experience and skill. You may start with some previous projects or orders as references. People will analyze them, and decide what to do after reading all contents.

  1. Product and service

The core items in this catalog will be the product and services. You should explain the things you provide and deliver. Explain each service as detailed as possible. The nature of the catalog is you have more spaces for explaining more content.

  1. Pricelist

One thing you cannot forget is pricelist. People want to know the price range and budget when hiring your service.

  1. Pros and benefits

This part will include extra content, such as the pros and benefits. You can explain some benefits like discounts. If you want a simple and short version of the catalog, you need to integrate this part with others.

  1. Closing and back cover

As usual, the closing will strengthen all contents. You need to put the contact info and additional information. Moreover, the back cover should match with the front one. It is like you have a bi-fold brochure with more pages.

Advertising Catalog PSD Template

Making a catalog is not that easy. The advertising company usually has designers that handle this project. They can rely on the PSD template to ensure the advertising catalog has the proper design and style. The template contains the ready file with organized layers. It is editable and scalable.  

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