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Exclusive Chinese Menu Design for the Chinese Restaurants

A great menu design in the restaurant helps customers to feel satisfied in choosing the main course. Chinese menu must-have an exclusive design, which identically shows the unique point of the restaurant. It may show special menus or special packages on the main page. Some simple designs are worth trying, but to make it exclusive; you need to combine simple design with the glamorous elements.

The Common Characteristic of Chinese Menu

When talking about Chinese restaurants, what usually comes to your mind is about the unique appetite like seafood as the main ingredient. However, what is more, common from a Chinese restaurant is its color theme that usually combines red and gold as a symbol of Chinese culture. The menu design must involve this important characteristic when you want to make it look exclusive and merged to the restaurant’s theme.

Making Exclusive Design for Chinese Menu

Some steps can be taken to make the Chinese menu look good, and attract anyone who wants to have dinner or lunch in the restaurant. Here are the ways you can try.

  1. Divide the layout

Since the restaurant has some different menus, the early design process you can do is to decide what layout to take. After that, divide the layout into three parts: for appetizers list, main courses list, and desserts list. Each layout should be different to make a great design menu.

  1. Use high-quality photos.

Photos of foods on the menu must be extremely high professional quality, so you need to pay attention when you do food photography for the menu. Since this will blow the customer’s imagination about food, put it in the design as a secondary background, or put it clear followed by its detailed explanation.

  1. Shape

It is worth to try boxes or shape when you want to write the menu. The simple boxes as the outline can improve the professional look and make it exclusive. Different shapes for the different menus can be a good way to send the narrative to customers. They will directly know its grouping idea without necessarily being explained.

  1. Choose the best typography

The font’s character or typography selection need to be considered carefully since the Chinese menu has many things to be written. You can have a formal font type if the restaurant is a middle-to-high class restaurant. However, when it comes to a small Chinese restaurant, you can use semi-formal typography to create more down-to-earth nuance.

Chinese Menu PSD Design

There have been many ideas in designing the Chinese menu. The PSD template will probably help you to finish the design in a better way. At least by using the template, you already have the concept. Or at least, you have the guideline to design it as best as you can.

PSD Template for Exclusive Chinese Menu Design

To make it exclusive, you need to add some special characteristics, so it doesn’t look like a common Chinese menu. Customers need to see the difference, either from the design or other factors. PSD template will allow you to have an editable file, so it will be easy to add as many as new elements to make it exclusive and unique.

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