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Make the Fancy Italian Menu with PSD Templates

Close your weekend with a fancy dinner. Just visit a restaurant that you will never forget its vibes. Some restaurants always serve their best menu choices. All of them are probably the authentic traditional recipe, such as Italian cuisine. As we know, the Italian menu is so tempting. So, how can you make a fancy tempting menu? Here some tips to apply.

The Design of Italian Menu

A psychology menu design is crucial for making the Italian menu appealing. Here are some tips to design the menu.

  1. Color

Choose a color that will affect the ordered menu. For example, green is for fresh menu, orange for bringing appetite, yellow for attention magnet, and red for an expensive menu.

  1. Menu placing

Customers may look at the middle of the menu list before looking anywhere else. Therefore, make sure you place a favorable menu there. Besides in the middle of the list, you can place a favorable menu on the side or top area.

  1. Price

The restaurant may use an integral number to impress the best prices like 12.99 dollars. But instead, fancy restaurants tend to use the whole number for a price.

  1. Description

Choose the best words to bring emotional connections to your customers, like ‘Grandma’s Soup’.

  1. Variation

The smart restaurant owner will only show seven menus on every list. This amount is enough to give some choices for customers. Too much menu will confuse them to choose.

Designing the Italian Menu

Now, let’s move to design it. Here are some guidelines to make your Italian menu.

  1. Create a menu in the form of books or sheets

Books or sheets are preferable depending on your fund. You can choose a booklet form to make the restaurant look fancy. Don’t worry about using a sheet of paper on top of the wooden board as it is still useful and look modest.

  1. Maximize typography

Use unique font to make your menu looks more appealing. Combine that unique font with typography to make it more aesthetic. But remember, you should choose the readable font.

  1. Add picture

The presence of food photos on the menu will boost your sales by 30%. Therefore, you have to place the appealing photos on the menu. You can ask a professional photographer to take some photos of your dish. Make sure the appearance of your foods in photos is the same as when it is served on the table.

  1. Add representative description

The waitress can’t always explain the menu to customers. Therefore, add some keywords on the menu list to briefly explain what kind of food they will eat. For example, “Grandma’s soup” is made with love, fresh veggies, chicken, and herbs.

Italian Menu PSD Template

Sometimes, you do not have enough time to design the menu from zero. It is okay because you can find many online PSD templates or the pre-designed ones. You can download it for free, and just adjust the content according to your need.

Italian Menu PSD Format

If you find that the template design is too plain, you can edit and adjust it. With PSD format, you can customize your Italian menu anywhere and anytime.

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