Sandwich Menu Customizable PSD Design Template

Sandwich Menu Cards Designs and Themes to Design the List

Having a sandwich restaurant is a good idea. Many people love sandwiches, and you are able to make various kinds of menu variations. Some nice and tasty drinks and snacks may also become accompanies in the Sandwich Menu list. In this case, of course you also need to consider the design of your menu. Even if you know that your sandwiches taste perfect, you still have to show how nice it is in the design.


Tips to Create Sandwich Menu

Because the menu should be presented in a good appearance, it becomes an important job to make the menu card. To make it easier to do, it is good to have some tips. These are only simple tips, but sometimes people forget them.

  1. Choose the color combination and layout

It is not too difficult to make the design. Basically, it can be enough as long as you have a color combination and layout.

  1. Choose to have a picture on it

The existence of a picture is a matter of choice. It is not compulsory for you to have pictures on the list. It is much better to consider the arrangement of the menu lists instead of considering the pictures to add.

  1. Do not forget the price

You have the list of the menu. However, you should also add the price in each item, so your customers know who much they must pay for the dishes served on their table.


The Simple Sandwich Menu Design

It is true that having a picture is not a must in making the Sandwich Menu. You are able to easily depend on the layout of the menu card and the choice of font. If you still need a reference to do it, there is a simple menu card that has no picture, yet it still looks attractive with its simplicity.

The card is totally simple. It only uses the white background for the menu card. Then, space is divided into two columns. The first column is only filled with the name of the restaurant, its logo, and the address. On its background, it has tribal graphics for the decoration. Then, the next column is for the menu lists divided into some boxes.


The Classic Sandwich Menu

Black and white colors on the menu list are enough to make it simple and attractive. However, when you want to have more than just a simple design, you can choose a certain theme. For example, you can have the classic theme for your Sandwich Menu.

The classic theme is good to choose from. You can first check the color for the background. For example, vintage blue is good to choose. Then, the fonts are in white. To decorate it, it is enough to have a classic border.


Sandwich Menu PSD Templates with Pictures

In case you still want to have pictures, it is possible to do, and it is not a bad idea. What you need to do is to choose the picture and where you want to put it on the layout. Basically, it is good to have pictures. However, it will only work when you have some pages of the menu.

When you only utilize PSD single menu card, it is better to choose the best picture for your most recommended menu. It can be placed on the corner of the menu. Then, it is also possible to make it part of the background. These two ways are possible to add the picture in the Sandwich Menu design.

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