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Wedding Menu Card Templates in Various Designs and Themes

Wedding menus may seem like a simple and small piece of paper on the table. Some people think that it is not a significant part of the wedding ceremony and party. However, everyone wants to have the best and perfect wedding, so all things should be prepared well, including the Wedding Menu. That is why there are many kinds of design to find. Every couple wants to prepare the menu well, so the texts and cards on the table look representative enough for the guests, so they may also see be happy to see the menu and what they are going to enjoy.


Making a Wedding Menu

Basically, it is not too hard to make a menu card for a wedding. However, it does not mean that it is taken lightly. It is still better to prepare the best menu card, so every piece of parts of the wedding looks perfect.

  1. Choose the theme

A wedding always has a theme. In this case, it is very possible to apply the theme on the menu card of the wedding. This is better and easier to find and make a suitable design for the menu card.

  1. Choose the layout

After obtaining the theme, choosing the layout is necessary. This will directly deal with the design. A good layout does not make people annoyed to see the menu card. That is why it should be attractive, yet it does not make people feel uncomfortable due to various design graphs on it.

  1. Find the good fonts

The card is simple. Many decorative designs and graphics are not recommended. That is why it is good to make it look better with the fonts. Font type, size, and color can have some good effect on the Wedding Menu card.


Rustic Wedding Menu Style

There are surely many themes to choose from. When the wedding wants to make things look vintage and artistic with the old-school look, rustic Wedding Menu becomes a good option. It does not mean that the theme will make the couple look old. In fact, it is quite beautiful to see always see the rustic design.

In this case, the menu card does not use white paper. Instead, it uses the brown paper or brown background color to show the rustic theme. After that, some details can be added on the border, such as the effect of the ropes. Then, the font can be chosen to get a suitable vintage and rustic style.


White and Gold Wedding Menu

Gold always becomes a nice color. It is not only about luxury, but there is pride, honor, and a glorious look when the golden color is applied. In this case, a combination of white and gold is a good option to choose from. These become perfect color combination.

The white color is applied to the background color, so it is like having plain paper for the menu card. Then, the golden color is applied for the fonts. Some fonts are chosen since there are names of couples, heading of the menu, and the details. On the corner, a picture showing two hearts in gold lining becomes the decoration.


Wedding Menu Card PSD Designs

There are actually many designs to find. Everyone can make his or her own design for the card. However, having some PSD examples gives good references. In this case, it is possible to add some pictures or decorative details. Hearts, flowers, and pictures of the couple can be chosen.

The picture can be added on the upper and lower corner of the card. Then, it is also possible to make the picture shady, so it is used as the background, and it is placed on the center of the card. For the shady and fading picture, the couple photo is a good option to decorate the Wedding Menu.

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