Tropical Cocktail Menu Example PSD Design

Tropical Cocktail Menu as a List of Flavorful Drinks

Enjoying a cocktail in the tropics feels like it is in the spring and cold. It also feels as if hanging out on a beach. Drinking served cold, fresh, and sweet with a mixture of fresh fruits will give satisfaction to enjoy a glass of cocktail. If you are in a warm climate, just search for and order a tropical cocktail menu as your hangout at a bar, restaurant, or party on the beach.

Tropical Cocktail Menu Ideas

The cocktail is a mix of alcoholic drinks with fruit juices and other flavorful ingredients. The drink is popular because of its freshness which is processed with special concoction techniques, such as:

  • Stir: this technique looks simple, just by stirring it as usual. However, the mixture is used to keep the cocktail drink clear and cold.
  • Muddle: this technique is by mixing various fruits and herbs to take the juice.
  • Pour: this one is also simple, just by pouring the mixture into a ready-to-serve glass.
  • Shake: this can be considered the most efficient, but it requires special skills to make the perfect mix.
  • Flaming: it is arguably not simple, but it produces a delicious and flavorful drink even though the surface of the drink is ignited by fire. This drink is directly sucked from the bottom of the glass, and the fire will immediately die.

With the processing and serving techniques, of course, various types of cocktails can be ordered from a cocktail menu. Moreover, enjoying a cocktail in a tropical area certainly gives the impression of nostalgia in the winter. The menu is here for fast tropical drinks. All the drinks have been provided in accordance with the list of a tropical cocktail menu.

Tropical Cocktail Menu Design

As it functions as a fast tropical drink serving, a tropical cocktail menu can be thematically designed. A flower, leaf, or tree illustration with a colored backdrop according to a thematic choice gives a perfect feel for this eye-catching design. The design can be determined by choosing an existing template.

Tropical Cocktail Menu Template

The template can be downloaded in a PSD format. The template as a design choice can help you make the menu even more enchanting. The main thing about this template is that it’s easy to edit, customizable, and a full suite of tools provided in Photoshop.

Tropical Cocktail Menu Template Itemization

The things that give you confidence in choosing the template are its itemization, which is:

  • Content: it comes with the original as stated in the template. Photoshop is used as an editing process.
  • Size: it is adjusted to US paper sizes.
  • Layout: it is designed to simplify and speed up the customization process in full. The overall layout of the objects is oriented in portrait as the display extends upwards.
  • Smart Objects: they come with converting layers. They function in speeding up the photo editing workflow in Photoshop.

From those items, you will be more spoiled by the presence of the template as a starting point for editing or customizing a tropical cocktail menu design.

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