Company Catalog Customizable PSD Design Template

Company Catalog with the List of Products and Services

The company utilizes a catalog to organize the products, services, and packages. For your information, it is not just a regular book. Some businesses often put the catalog as a part of the product. On the other hand, the company catalog is useful as a reference for clients. Before buying the products, you need to know the specs and detail. Today, the internet provides information regarding the specific product. However, the official catalog is preferable as a trustworthy source.

Company Catalog Ideas and Style

The catalog has been around in the business world. It started as a reference that the company released for clients or customers. Usually, it is more practical for business-to-business activity. For end-users or direct customers, some companies only use brochures. The situation is different when your business is in the fashion industry. The company catalog plays a major role as a reference for customers before buying.

  • Business profile

The catalog is not only a book with products, but it also represents the company itself, which means it should be a business profile. Clients will know what you are after reading this profile.

  • Marketing and promotion

The main purpose of the catalog is for marketing and promotion. You can produce furniture, and the catalog will be helpful to introduce a new model. For the hotel business, it can be a promotional tool. Most people consider the catalog as a primary source for reference before deciding what product they will buy.

  • Inventory list

From the catalog, the company can make an inventory list. It keeps the products in check and makes sure people can get it immediately.

Company Catalog Composition

To understand the company catalog, you should know how it is made. As a catalog, it should have the relevant items, such as front cover title, table of contents, etc. Check the below list to know what you will find in the catalog.

  1. Front cover and catalog title
  2. Introduction and table of contents
  3. Product description and prices
  4. Contact info and back cover

The company creates a catalog based on a certain period, such as monthly and annually. Fast-changing business-like fashion usually introduces catalog monthly or per season. The car, furniture, computer, and electronic devices are examples of businesses that release catalog annually.

Company Catalog Design and Layout

The catalog can use several layouts, but mostly as the booking platform. From the list of the composition above, you see what are mostly available in the catalog. At first glance, it can be similar to the brochure, except the catalog is vast in terms of contents. On the other hand, you can see it has similarities with the magazine, but most of the contents are the list of products.

Company Catalog PSD Template

Preparing catalog takes time, especially when the companies have tons of services and products. Moreover, you can consider the design and layout first, including the style and theme. Each catalog is dedicated to a specific situation or period even the theme or topic.  

To make sure you have the right design, the PSD template for the company catalog will be the best choice. You do not need to worry about the layout because this template already has organized layers with relevant items. You only need to replace the image with yours and add the description. The rest of the template is editable, so you can customize it easily.

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