4+ Lesson Plan Free Template in PSD

Lesson Plan Template for Teachers

If you are in the education field at the first time, you have to think about lesson plan. It is about what every teacher needs. It shows where to start as well as where you finish. It also establishes the route to take. If you want to know more, let’s pay attention to the following lesson plan template.

Why Needs Lesson Plan Template?

You will need our template Photoshop because of some reasons. For your information, our template can be more than a guide. Since a lesson plan suggests the approach a teacher should take for teaching students, it must be flexible to let the teacher make his or her decision.

Besides that, lesson plan also becomes a reasonably detailed document. For your information, this includes a lot of info. For example, there are potential problems you may encounter during the lesson course. In addition, PSD flyer template provides the solutions, too.

Components of a Lesson Plan Template

There are usually 8 components included in a lesson plan. So, make sure that you add the following components into the template in PSD Photoshop. It starts with objectives of the lesson. This component must be placed in the very first part. Then, it should be followed by anticipatory set.

Direct instruction also belongs to the component of a lesson plan. For the next part, it should be the required resources. Next, this document should include the guided practice, too. It is about the activities the students are asked to practice & apply the skill.

The next part is the closure. It is about how you will close the lesson. Independent practice should also be included in a lesson plan. The last part should be for assessments & follow-ups. After you know the components completely, now you can use your preferred template in Photoshop free download below.

Lesson Plan Template Samples

One of the template samples available here is a common core lesson plan. It is to help students perform better in subjects like science, English language arts, reading comprehension, etc. If you want to make a common core lesson plan effectively, just feel free to use this template.

Preschool lesson plan is the next template sample. It may include activities & worksheets. The next sample is a weekly lesson plan. It includes activities & assignments the students should carry out during the week. A business plan template example PSD design is another template you can find here.

How to Use Lesson Plan Template

Creating a lesson plan is your duty. It seems difficult especially if this is the first time you will make it. Fortunately, we have many template samples. You can use them as your references to make your own lesson plan.

All of the templates are downloadable, editable, and printable. So, just feel free to pick your preferred lesson plan template, edit it, and print it to fit your needs. When it is ready to print, you can directly print it out and use it properly.

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