5+ Table of Contents Template Free PSD

Table of Contents Template and Tips to Make It

Making the table of contents sometimes becomes a difficult matter to be done. Yes, it is quite reasonable since these are some elements inside the contents to be written in detail. However, through the table of contents template, making this part of a book and paper will be easier.

Yes, through the free PSD template for the table of contents, you will find the basic scheme of it. Of course, it means that you do not need to create a table of content from a blank document. All you need to do is only editing the basic information and personalize it.

Ideas to Make Great Table of Contents

A table of content is an important part of a book and paper. That is why after finding the free template in PSD, you need to personalize it and add some touches to maximize the result in making it. Here, we have some ideas that can be the option to make a good table of content as you want.

The ideas are:

  • Use gradients

To make a good table of content, you may use a gradient as a basic idea. It is a traditional idea of layout but provides both shot and sweet look. I am sure that the gradient will deliver a beautiful cover. Of course, your task is to find the best and appropriate color.

  • Create a tabbed system

Using a unique system in making a table of content also can be a good option. Here, one of the popular ideas to be considered is the tabbed system. You may find the free download PSD for this sample and personalize the details of it.

Using the tabbed system is a very nice idea to be applied. Yes, you can see the colorful tabs there. Of course, through the tabbed system, there will be some colorful tabs to help the readers find the page that they want to go to.

  • Use a type-centric approach

Another idea to make a good table of content is using the type-centric approach. It is a good idea that you can apply. A clean type-centric approach is an alternative option that you may find through a customizable PSD design template and it will deliver a sophisticated view.

  • Use a grid

Grid for making a table of content is common. Well, the grid idea is sleek to provide a simple table of content with an interesting view. You may see the sample of Dale Magazine to see this idea. I am sure that this table of content ideas will deliver a new sweet sense.

  • Create icons for each chapter

As the business card template PSD free, you can make icons for each chapter in making a table of contents. It is a unique idea and I am sure that it will create a stunning part of books. This idea also will deliver an exclusive idea of the table of contents.

Well, on this page, we have several samples of the table of contents template that you can find. Just scroll the samples and find the best idea to create your table of contents with a special look.

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