Director of Sales Job Description Template and Its Responsibilities


A person whose responsibilities are to own & exceed annual sales targets within assigned accounts & territory, develop & execute a strategic plan, and build & maintain strong customer relationships is called a sales director. Now, we will talk further about the director of sales job description.

Director of Sales Job Description Template

We are hiring a sales director now. Everyone who is interested in this position is allowed to apply for it. A good candidate has to meet our customer acquisition as well as revenue growth objectives. A sales director is responsible for developing strategies, tactics, & action plans to grow sales.

If these strategies are executed successfully, you will be able to achieve your company’s financial targets. Understanding customer trends, building relationships, and hitting annual targets also belong to its responsibilities. Now, let’s pay attention to the following director of sales job description template.

Director of Sales Job Responsibilities

Our company will give a director of sales many responsibilities. In fact, this is an important position in the business. So, make sure that you are familiar with these tasks and duties. For the more detailed director of sales job requirements, you can see them in the following list:

  • Owns and exceed/hit annual sales targets within assigned accounts and territory
  • Develops & executes strategic plans for achieving sales targets as well as expanding our customer base
  • Builds and maintains good & long-lasting customer relationships
  • Partners with customers for understanding their business objectives and needs
  • Communicates the value proposition effectively through presentations and proposals
  • Understands category-specific trends and landscapes
  • Reports on forces that shift the strategic direction of accounts and tactical budgets

Director of Sales Job Requirements

As a director of sales has an important role, some qualifications are required for you who want to apply for this position. Certain experiences, abilities, skills, and educational degrees are required. To fulfill this position in our company, make sure that you meet the following director of sales job requirements:

  • Proven work experience as a marketing director, sales manager, or sales executive
  • Ability to meet or exceed sales targets
  • Ability to communicate and present as well as influence organization levels including C-level & executive
  • Ability to drive all the sales processes from planning to closing
  • Ability to articulate the clear aspects of services and products
  • Ability to position services and products against rivals
  • Experience as a head of sales
  • Ability to develop client-focused solutions
  • Excellent skills in listening, presentation, and negotiation
  • Excellent skills in written & verbal communications
  • BA/BS degree

Director of Sales FAQs

What does a director of sales do?

He or she owns & exceeds annual sales targets within assigned accounts & territory, develops & executes a strategic plan, and builds & maintains strong customer relationships.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you are allowed to edit this sales director job description posted here.

Do you have interview questions for a director of sales?

Besides the director of sales job description, we also provide some question samples for an interview.


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