10+ Email Signature Free PSD Template

Email Signature Template and What to Know in Making It

For those who conduct the business via email, knowing about the email signature template is an important matter. Yes, the email signature will be the final point of the conversation with the customers before makes some deals. Of course, it also becomes a sign of formality.

Well, substantively, a good email signature is quite simple. It is informative and professional with some information at the forefront. On another hand, by using the template of an email signature, of course, making this matter will be easier and the result also will be better too.

How to Make a Good Email Signature?

You may find some template free PSD to get the samples of the email signature. However, although these are many samples of it, you still need to know how to make a good email signature.

Well, some ways to make this email signature are:

  • Don’t include too much information

As we have said before, an email signature is simple. That is why you do not need to add too much information inside it. A common trap that people do in making an email signature is treating this matter like making a mini-autobiography.

Something that you need to know, when you add too much information in an email signature, you will make your signature looks too long and complicated. See the samples on the free PSD template and measure how long the email signature is.

  • Keep color palette small

Another matter to be considered in making an email signature is keeping the color palette small. Yes, the color will influence the look of an email signature. Here, please make sure that you do not apply too many color options or it will be difficult to find the color scheme.

  • Keep the font palette small

Keeping the size of the font of an email signature is also needed. Remember, an email signature is simple. It is not only limited in color but also small in the font. Through the small font, an email signature will be more readable.

In making an email signature, you can find some fonts as the option. You may use the same font with the free template in PSD. Make sure that the chosen font is the formal one, especially when you want to make an email signature for business reasons.

  • Use hierarchy

Using hierarchy can be an interesting idea in making an email signature. Through the hierarchy, you can show the most important information there and it will help the readers to know who you are.

  • Keep graphic elements simple

Another matter to be considered in making an email signature is keeping the graphic elements simple. This point is quite essential. Through a simple graphic element as you find in free download PSD, of course, your email signature will be far from the complicated look.


On this page, we have several samples of the email signature and business card template free PSD. You may scroll this page down and find the best email signature template to help you personalize your profile.

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