Electronic Store Letterhead Free Template in PSD

Electronic Store Letterhead to Introduce the Legality and Branding

Electronic goods are secondary human needs that are used in everyday life. It could even be said that humans cannot be separated from these types of goods. That’s because these items are really useful for human survival. At this time, there are many electronic stores scattered. To maintain competition, the legality of a store needs to be considered. It can begin with an identity on the electronic store letterhead.

Electronic Store Letterhead Concise Description

The electronic store is a store that sells electronic goods, such as televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, and other electronic devices. The increasingly fierce competition is not only the increasing number of store types, but also the quality, service, and legality of the store. Legality is the main thing r to be recognized that the store sells high-quality products.

The use of formal correspondence is intended for colleagues and clients. The letter can certainly be designed differently from the others. The determination of electronic store letterhead design will be an attractive measure of a letter. It is because it represents the formal identity of a store. The recipient of the letter will look at the contents of the letterhead before reading the contents.

Electronic Store Letterhead Pattern

A pattern is a form that has regularity in its design. Likewise, the letterhead pattern will be designed according to the function and layout that varies. A letterhead is usually called the letterhead, and it is located at the very top of the content of the letter. With the development of the digital world today, laying down the letterhead can be sideways.

The arrangement is also separable, for example, a logo on the top right of the paper, the name of the store on the bottom right of the paper, as well as the address, telephone number, email, website, and fax on the bottom left of the paper. The existing pattern is indeed designed by the development of the graphic design. It is also accepted as a modern design while maintaining the formality for a document.

Electronic Store Letterhead PSD Templates

The selection of a customizable template is one in determining the design of the electronic store letterhead. It becomes the design reference. The template has been provided for online download, which is then edited as the main design. Choosing the PSD template is a choice that can be used as a reference. A layered image file will be edited through Photoshop as photo editing software.

Electronic Store Letterhead Template Details

The following are the details for the electronic store letterhead.

  • The image

As a PSD template, the document has image quality with a resolution of 300 dpi. That also can be said as an image with high quality.

  • Color

The coloring uses a color composition of the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black process which is an accurate color composition.

  • Style

The Style is oriented in the portrait form.

  • Layout

The layout for Photoshop design can be completely customizable.

  • Printed paper

Paper that will be printed later uses A4 size with 8.27 × 11.69 inches plus Bleed.  

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