Company Profile Data Sheet in Photoshop Free Download

The Best PSD Template of Company Profile Data Sheet

Even though a lot of companies and organizations still tend to choose traditional professionalism over creativity, there are some obvious downsides to it. One of them is being a non-attractive document to read, only filled with lines and paragraphs that often hard to understand. The template of company profile datasheet here not only create to provide eye-grabbing visual and attention of the readers, but also to cater to the needs of a professional company to reflect their business.

Company Profile Data Sheet Template

As the name implies, the company profile is a written document that explains what the company is and what it does. It is a publicly available document, so it is important to not reveal anything confidential inside the paper-like classified financial details. To put it simply, the purpose of using a company profile data sheet is to offer a professional introduction and give information to people, mainly stakeholders and potential consumers, about the current status, products, or services provided by the company.

Company Profile Data Sheet Contents

Creating profile data for the company is part of establishing a business plan. It offers an overview of the investor and prospective customers about the company so it should at least contain informational data, such as:

  1. The company’s official names and its contacts such as the address, telephone numbers, website, or e-mail address.
  2. The founders’ names and the key members’ names and titles inside the company.
  3. The general business activities ran by the company.
  4. The statements of the company’s purposes and mission, as well as the overall strategy.
  5. The goals of the company, in short, and long terms.
  6. The company’s structures, including the public, private, and partnership compositions.
  7. The board of the company and who serves there as directors, if there is any.
  8. The numbers of employees or independent tradesmen inside the company.
  9. The business’ site locations of the company.
  10. The standard financial data of the company, such as the annual profit, revenue, and key assets.
  11. The missions and operations, which make the company distinctive from the other competitors.
  12. The financial picture of the company to inform investors and shareholders, and how it is informed.
  13. The best and recent achievements of the company.
  14. The achievements that the company has made recently

Company Profile Data Sheet Importance

There are several reasons why it is important to have a presentable company profile datasheet, such as:

  • It provides an opportunity for potential consumers, partners, investors, and stockholders to know better about the company.
  • It has an indirect effect on the revenue and profits as it attracts investments.
  • It helps any prospective buyers in case they are looking for specific products or services provided by the company.
  • It grows various chances to develop the growth of the business.

Free PSD Company Profile Data Sheet

The template will help you to tell the story of your company in a more appealing way. It is also useful if you want to create a company profile datasheet but have no idea where to start to. The sheet is available to download for free and designed to be highly customizable.

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