10+ Acting Resume Customizable PSD Design Template

Acting Resume Template Guidelines

Acting resume template is very useful as your calling cards where you act as an actor with your headshot. It should include your special skills, physical stats, education level and acting classes. This document is very important whether you are a pro or beginner.

Acting Resume Template Format

Making an acting resume in a poor format will send the wrong message. So, you have to ensure that it shows professionalism. It is not easy but we are sure that you can do it. In this article, we have a collection of template Photoshop so that your acting résumé will be well-formatted.

With the proper format, you will impress anyone. It lets you highlight the past performance. Therefore, make sure that you use legible & clear fonts so that your document can be read & understood easily. In addition, we recommend you to save it in PDF for compatibility with various devices.

Acting Resume Template Elements

An acting resume can be made easily with our PSD flyer template but make sure that it contains the following important elements. First, you have to include your recent contact info. Besides that, it should also contain your agent’s recent contact info.

Your resume’s summary or objective should be included in it, too. For the next element, it should be your acting credits. In addition, do not forget to include your workshops, training, and education to the template in PSD Photoshop available in this article.

A good acting resume should also come with your special skills, awards and accolades. If there is any additional reference such as reviews, testimonials or links to your past work, you can also add it. One more, you should finish it with your best headshot.

Tips in Writing Acting Resume Template

To make an effective acting resume, the following template in Photoshop free download may help you so much. However, you should consider the following tips. First, you must include your headshot. After that, you must include your recent contact details such as name, address, phone numbers, etc.

Do not forget to include personal info like your birthdates, race, weight, height, etc. The next tips are to add your experience in acting. In addition, you should add your accolades & awards and include additional skills as well as education & training. Make sure that you include these all important details.

How to Use Acting Resume Template

Writing an acting resume manually will take a lot of time and efforts. With our business card template free PSD and other related templates, you will save much time and efforts in writing your own acting resume. The template comes in different designs so that you can find and choose you love most.

After you pick your preferred template, you are allowed to edit it to fit your needs. You can change color, add text, or do other editing’s depending on your needs. Now, it is time for you to make your own resume. Hopefully, you can find the most appropriate acting resume template here.

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