Barbershop Envelope Customizable PSD Design Template

The Instruction for Barbershop Envelope to Proof Credibility

To make sure about barbershop quality, a barbershop owner should speculate what allurement to be shown. One of them is releasing a barbershop envelope. This intends to show the business’s legality. In creating this kind of envelope, the owner has to pay attention to the design that will be applied. How can you deliberately represent the business quality in the envelope? Here are several things that aim to convince clients.

The Considerations towards Barbershop Envelope Design

  1. Logo’s placement

A logo becomes the important thing in building a business. Therefore, the barbershop business also needs a logo for convincing clients, especially for men. Barbershop’s logo is used to be simply designed. In the envelope, the logo can be placed into three positions: in the middle, the bottom left corner, and the top left corner. This placement will take the clients’ attention.

  1. Characteristic color

Besides the logo, the characteristic color of the barbershop envelope is different from other businesses. The envelope usually applies red and blue colors to indicate the envelope belongs to the barbershop business. These colors could be set as the background and frame.

  1. Sender and receiver’s information

The sender and receiver of information must be clear. It aims to ease the postman to send. This information is used to be put in the right part of the envelope. Since the sender is a business, it must explain the location of the shop and contact person. Therefore, the clients will be easy to follow up with the updated information.

Guidance for Barbershop Envelope Design

  1. Putting the logo

The logo is the important thing which has to be put in a business envelope. The logo aims to show the image of the business. In this case, it does not only represent the barbershop’s characteristics but also reflects the business’ identity. Therefore, the logo must be laid down in the envelope.

  1. Customizing the color used

A barbershop envelope has a character color. It can be customized with background plain color; hence the character and background color will not be broken. The plain accents can be brown, white, pink, and many others. It is more appropriate to use soft pallets.

  1. Set the size

This kind of envelope has several sizes. The form itself can be vertical or horizontal. It is based on your expectation. You should consider the envelope’s size. It will be better to set the barbershop to envelop in a standard size.

Barbershop Envelop PSD Template Samples

There are two basic template samples. You freely choose the template, and it only helps to give the references. Hence, you will have a view on how to make this envelope design. Furthermore, PSD template samples have some styles of this business envelope to be assured as professionalism barbershop.

Barbershop Envelop PSD Format

To simplify it, the template is available on PSD format. This format saves the latest editing, indeed all process of editing. As the owner, you have the authority to throw or keep particular layers. You might also add the pictures, signs, and symbols. Therefore, you will be able to realize the expected envelop. Moreover, barbershop envelop is freely downloaded without any payments or specialized requirements.  

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