Architecture Envelope PSD Flyer Template

Various Architecture Envelope Designs to Create a Good Impression

Architecture agencies will always maintain a relationship with clients and other parties. Commonly, formal communications use letters. Even if there is an email, it still gives different impressions by using printed letters. To make a better impression, it should also use the architecture envelope. In this case, many architects and agencies have nice envelope designs. These are great to create a nice look on the envelope.


Making the Architecture Envelope

It is not too difficult to decorate and design the envelope. Moreover, the architect is a job that uses creativity, and they are commonly accustomed to using some apps, even apps for editing. That is why it may not be too complicated, and it can use the simple steps.

  1. Find the nice theme

Before thinking about design, a specific theme is necessary. It can be chosen based on the type of architecture made by the agency, or other ideas. The main important point is that the theme should represent the business.

  1. Get the design

With a specific theme, it will be easier to define the design. It can use graphics, colors, and illustrations. These three points can also be combined to get a nice appearance on the envelope.

  1. Get a suitable envelope

The design is applied to the envelope. In this case, it is possible also to choose the envelope first and then create the design based on the type and size of the envelope. Even, there are also some options for envelope paper to choose.


Architecture agencies and businesses commonly have specific logos. The logo represents the vision and mission of the agency, so it is not made randomly. Since it contains an important value and usually it also has an aesthetic part, it can be applied as the design for the architecture envelope.

Instead of being confused about choosing a suitable design, it is good to use the logo design in the envelope. The logo can be zoomed and made bigger, and then it can be decorated. There are many things to do with the logo to beautify and decorate the envelope.


Architecture Envelope with Geometric Design

Architects are jobs that have familiarity with the geometrical shapes. That is why it is good to use the shapes as the main elements on the envelope. There can be many possible architecture envelope designs that utilize the shapes.

For example, some geometric designs can be picked and applied as the background of the name and logo of the company. Some shapes are arranged, and these are colored with different gradients, so it creates a random yet impressive background, and its logo and company’s name still become the main attention.


Architecture Envelope Ideas

Regarding the ideas, those are only some of the references. In its application, there still can be many variations, and everyone can have his or her creative ideas to make something impressive for the envelope. 

In dealing with the envelope, it is not only to work in its front area. Envelope has the flap, rear part, and inside. It is possible to utilize all parts of it, and even the flap itself can give a different look when it is designed. Surely, many kinds of possible designs of architecture envelopes can be found.

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