Marketing Envelope Customizable PSD Template

Marketing Envelope with Various Impressive Designs

Making an envelope for a company is necessary. When there is already a letterhead and the letter template, it can be perfect when the envelope is also designed, and it is created with a similar theme or appearance. This is not only for correspondence between companies, but there can also be a marketing envelope. As its name, the envelope can be dedicated to marketing, so it should be able to represent the company. Of course, the appearance should be attractive.


Tips to Make Marketing Envelope

Some people take the envelope lightly. They think that the important thing is its content of the letter. It is still necessary to think about the envelope design since both letters and envelopes are two things that cannot be separated. To make it, there are some tips.

  1. Choose the paper

The first thing first is to choose the paper. It means to choose the type of envelope. There are many kinds of the envelope, and it is fine to have uncommon paper or envelope size since it can be also part of the design.

  1. Pick the design

After having the envelope, next is to choose the designs. The design should be representative enough for the company, and it is should be attractive, even when it is a simple design. Then, it is good to think about the whole parts of the envelope, so even the flap and its inside may be designed.

  1. Print the envelope

It is better to find printing services. Using a regular printer and doing it manually is possible to do, but it may not give optimal results, since common printers may not be able to fully handle the graphics and colors. Moreover, it takes time.


Full Printed Marketing Envelope

When it talks about the marketing envelope, there are many kinds of design to pick. There is no specific rule to manage the shape and other details regarding its appearance. Even, some companies choose to have a full printed envelope.

This is a great idea. The envelope does not look simple anymore, and it is totally attractive. Instead of accepting a letter, people may think that they are accepting a piece of art. The whole part of the envelope can be covered by design and color graphics. This is a good way to get an attractive envelope.


Bordered Marketing Envelope

Some people and companies tend to look simple and clean. That is why the full printed design may not be a good option. In this case, they do not use the whole parts of the envelope to get graphics and colors. Instead, they use the borders or edges of the envelope.

The borders can be decorated with simple color lines. Then, some designs use certain patterns to decorate the area. Although it is to stay clean, the flap is a different part, and it can be fully printed with a design. This way, it is still possible to see a very attractive marketing envelope.


Marketing Envelope Designs

Those two are not the only possible designs to choose from. There are still many ideas to decorate and beautify the envelope. The concern is to make it look better and more attractive, so it is possible to apply many kinds of possible arts by using graphics and colors.  

Some envelopes are designed by only using the company name or logo. The name is printed in big size, and then the logo is made shadowy behind the name of the company. This looks simple, but it may emphasize the identity of the business. Of course, the marketing envelope still looks impressive.

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