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Good Quality SPA Envelope for Your Letter Identity

We may have rarely sent a letter because of various types of social media. However, its function is still vital when talking about the official letter, whether it is an electronic or a paper form. A paper-shaped letter is even considered still important for official matters. However, the letter won’t feel complete without an envelope covering it. Nowadays, you can find a variety of attractive envelope displays with a SPA envelope.

SPA Envelope Brief Description

The envelope is a packet of letters made of paper. This is also useful to protect the letter from being read by unauthorized parties and protected it from damage. This will be cut in a square or rectangular shape, and folded in such away. The size varies, as can be found in printing shops, supermarkets, or other types of stores that provide envelopes.

As for special types like invitations, birthdays, and anniversaries, the envelope requires a special design. It usually uses special quality papers, as the term of semi-premium authentic or SPA. This is a quality with a degree of resemblance to the original approaching 95%. You can get the SPA envelope in determining your envelope design through digital artwork in context. You can also find images of envelope stock in HD.

SPA Envelope PSD Format

For making a unique envelope, the designer will choose an attractive format. Some digital engineering experts have created hundreds to thousands of designs with PSD format. This is a Photoshop Document in the form of a layered image. Besides being easy and free to download, the PSD format is also easily customizable. You can customize it via Photoshop or Illustrator since PSD is generated by Photoshop software.

SPA Envelope PSD Templates

You can choose a variety of SPA envelope PSD templates on the provider website. After sorting through it, of course, you will choose a free downloadable template that suits your taste and design. A template makes it easy to show off creative projects with realistic textures, shadows, and lighting.

The Procedure of SPA Envelope PSD Template Use

Since it is as the result of Photoshop, PSD template can be customized through the software. For example in the template with PSD format, this file type takes the form of a layered image. Here are the procedures for using the file into Photoshop or Illustrator software.

  • After selecting a PSD file or template for your envelope, open Photoshop software as the default file.
  • Insert the file into your Photoshop.
  • The template will be split into layers for the customization process.
  • Customize your envelope according to your design and taste, ranging from choosing the fonts, colors, texts, images, and other features
  • After the customization process is complete, you can save it again with the same format. The quality of your layered image will not decrease.

The template has all elements to suit your SPA Envelope. It is later easy to edit, use, or customize with Smart Objects. Therefore, you can choose as much as you like, and don’t bother to think about the overall design. You just use Photoshop to beautify your envelope with the design available on the template.

Download :

File File size Downloads
Sample SPA Envelope Template 3 MB 347
SPA Envelope Template Design 3 MB 329
SPA Envelope Template Sample 3 MB 340
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