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Creative Agency Envelope Templates and Some Creative Design Ideas

The creative agency must always be creative. It is not only in terms of products or services that they offer, but some elements of the company should also represent creativity since it is about branding and image of the company. In this case, the creative agency envelope can become one of the concerns. The envelope will be utilized in many correspondences, so it will be important parts to create an impression. That is why it should be made creatively, so it can always make people interested to see the design and content of the letter.


Some Creative Agency Envelope Ideas

Creative ideas can create many great things. In this case, the ideas can be implemented on the design of the company envelope. Although this may seem simple, this is effective, and there are some benefits to gain from it. Regarding the designs, there are some possible designs as reference.

  1. Impressive design in simplicity

When it talks about creative design for the envelope, it is not necessary to have something complicated. Even, having a simple company name and logo, and color combination on the footer and borders of the envelope is enough to give a nice impression.

  1. Consistent design

Then, some companies make a consistent creative agency envelope design. It means that both letter and envelope has the same concept of design and theme. This is a good way to show the unity of design.

  1. Single-tone design

It is possible to have some colors applied to the design, and it is possible to choose some colors with the same tone. For example, there is an envelope that has some colors, but actually, they are still in the classification of blue. This looks impressive.


Eye-Catching Creative Agency Envelope

There are many possible designs to choose from. Since it is a creative agency, of course, some creative people can get many great ideas for envelope appearance. In this case, being eye-catching can become a good option.

To get it, the design does not only have a combination of colors, but it can have images or patterns. Then, this is painted in different colors. This surely can make people attracted to see the inside of the envelope.


Creative Agency Envelope with Illustration

Using an image or picture is possible to choose to get an eye-catching design. Then, the creative agency envelope can also have some illustrations. The concept is quite similar to the previous ones, but it uses some realistic pictures or illustrations.

For example, it can use the photo of the flower bouquet, and it is combined with the company name and logo. It can be made with a photograph, and it is applied to the envelope. This can be a simple way, but it can give a nice impression.


Creative Agency Envelope PSD

In making those designs, of course, editing app is necessary. There are many applications to choose, and Photoshop can become one of the popular and useful software. This gives the complete feature, and then it is easy to use.  

To get easier access to creating the design of the envelope, it is also possible to get some envelope templates. This can be an alternative, and later the template can still be modified further to get the desired appearance. For this purpose, there is a website providing many creative agency envelope templates in PSD format.

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