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Cover Page Template Free Customizable

Cover page is the first page of a book or document. It does not only display the title but also other info. It depends on the type of document itself. If you want to make a cover page, you can do it easily. Here, you will find a collection of creative cover page template you can use free.

What a Cover Page Template Includes

Our PSD template free should be added with some details of information when it comes to a cover page. However, it depends on the document. Usually, it starts with your name & title. After that, it is followed by your contact information. Then, what you have to include is the name of your school / university.

Next, a cover page usually contains the instructor name. Due date also belongs to the details included in it. In addition, it includes the book title, too. Other details that are probably included are such as company’s name, copyright info, and publication date.

What for a Cover Page Template Is?

Creating a cover page with our example PSD design is very easy. However, you have to know what for it is. First, it can be used as a book cover. Besides that, people also often use it for a child book cover. Poetry chapbooks also sometimes need cover pages. You may need to make it for your school project.

There are still many other uses of a cover page. Other uses may include for fax cover sheets, homemade magazine cover, comic books, photo books, family scrapbooks, art brochure, brochures, and creative workshop books. To ease you to make a cover book, our template free PSD will be helpful for you.

Types of Cover Page Template

Cover page can be divided into some types. The first is an academic cover page. Academic documents have to use the proper format (APA, MLA, or CMS).The second type is a business cover page. For example, it is for technical reports or any other documents needed in a business industry.

Report cover page is the next type. It can be for a business proposal, marketing report, financial report, and many more. Whatever the type of cover page you want to make, you have to know how to design it. The following free PSD template may help you. So, you will be able to make your cover page rightly.

Cover Page Template Designs

When it comes to cover page designs, it cannot be separated from the theme. We have various designs of business card template PSD free you can choose. Red background abstract template, yellow lines professional theme, and stylish book background are some of the template designs you can find here.

To start creating it, what you have to do first is to pick your preferred cover page template. After that, just feel free to edit it to fit your needs depending on the document. Lastly, you can use it whether in a digital or printed form. Hopefully, you are inspired with our free templates.

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