10+ Gift Certificate Template Free PSD

Gift Certificate Template Samples and Guidelines

Gift certificate is not only attractive but also classier when compared to the ubiquitous plastic gift card. It never goes out of style. The following gift certificate template can help you understand better how it is useful for your business success.

Why Needs Gift Certificate Template?

A gift certificate can be used to let your customers buy services and goods for others. It is different from gift card. Gift certificate uses an actual paper. However, they have similar purposes. If you still do not know how to make it, you can use the following PSD template free.

Gift certificate has some benefits. First, it is useful to help you compete with big national corporations. Besides that, it can also improve sales. In fact, many shoppers spend more on gift certificates than physical gifts. That is why gift certificate will be much more valuable.

In addition, this certificate also provides a physical gift object especially for online shoppers. One more, it attracts fresh business. This certificate gives you an opportunity to advertise at a profit. Since many people still do not know how to make it, we provide the following example PSD design.

Tips in Making a Gift Certificate Template

Creating a gift certificate is not easy. There are some tips you will need to follow. First of all, you should select a design which complements your business. If you need inspirations, you can find them here easily. Second of all, it must be clear about the amount or what it can be used on.

It should also include verbiage which indicates that this certificate is not redeemable for cash. Next, contact info & your business location must be included, too. If you have no idea how to start writing, you can use our template free PSD available here.

Gift Certificate Template Ideas

To attract your customers, you have to make creative certificates. There are some ideas you can consider. For example, it is a good idea to provide an option for special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, etc. Letting customers upload their artwork for the certificate background will also be great.

It is also a good idea if you use this free PSD template and offers novelty certificate as an actual product. Then, it should also include envelope template that is simple. Last but not least, you can add delivery option to the purchase page.

How to Make a Gift Certificate Template Easily

Writing a gift certificate will require a lot of effort and time. To ease your task, we have business card template free PSD. It can help you make gift certificate easily and efficiently. We have a collection of related templates with different samples. So, just feel free to pick your preferred one.

It can be used easily. Before you print the chosen template, you are allowed to edit it to fit your needs. You can easily add details or change what it included in the gift certificate template based on your desire. Now, you can start writing your own gift certificate to attract more customers.

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