Baby Shower Ticket Template Free PSD

Free Download Baby Shower Ticket PSD Templates

Creating a baby shower ticket is important when you are about to throw a baby shower party. This kind of party is very common in celebrating the arrival of the bundle of joy on the way. These are some templates and designs you can use to create the tickets. Also, there is information as well about the usage of the tickets on the occasion, too. Here they are for you to read.


Why do You Need to Make Baby Shower Ticket?

There are so many things that you can do in baby showers, including playing games and gift-giving event. Some of them will be even more fun with tickets. Before planning the baby shower, make sure you read this information down below.

  1. For Raffle Game

One of the most famous games to play in a baby shower is a raffle game. It is like an action game but the prize is mostly baby-related, like a ton of diapers or other baby supplies. To play this game, the host needs to create a lot of tickets. The baby shower ticket will be even more impressive if they are well-designed. Use the templates you find here for the greatest eventual result.

  1. As Invitation Card

The invitation card is usually sent way before the baby shower date. That way, the guests can RSVP and prepare the gift, too. If you want the invitation card to look like tickets and that they can be used for some games on the occasion as well, you can use the designs displayed right here. It is common to receive an invitation in the form of a ticket after all.


Baby Shower Ticket for Baby Boy PSD Template

Making baby shower ticket is usually related to the gender of the baby. This baby shower party is held way after the gender reveals the party. So, most parents have already known the sex of the baby. For a baby boy, of course, the color scheme for the ticket is going to be blue. In this case, PSD templates are needed. The design is perfect for your baby.


Baby Shower Ticket for Baby Girl Template

It is not surprising that when you have a baby girl, the color scheme of the ticket is going to be pink. Pink is so related to a baby girl and you can freely use the color for everything at the party. There is this example of the ticket for baby girl. It looks great and cute


Neutral Baby Shower Ticket Template

A lot of parents do not want to know the sex of their baby at all. They want it to be a surprise. That way, usually the color scheme for the baby shower party is going to be a neutral one, such as yellow. Try to use this design for the ticket. It looks great for both baby boy and baby girl.

You can certainly download this one right now for free.  After you download the PSD templates for free and use them for your own baby shower party, you will end up with the best-looking baby shower ticket.

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