10+ Instagram Post Free PSD Template

Instagram Post Template: What Ideas to Post for the Public to View

Today, people have so much fun playing Instagram. They would spare their time to post new update every day. Speaking about that, it is best not to just post without giving some edit to it. It is if you care about the views and all. Don’t worry! After all there’s Instagram post template to use out there.

If you are new to this Instagram thing and you don’t know what to post, you can consider some ideas we are going to list below. There is more than one thing you can tell to the world through your Instagram account. Let’s see here.

Instagram Post Idea #1 Quotation

People like to share words through social media, right? While chats might be more for private use, Instagram posts can be used to exchange encouragement in life. Design in like business card template free PSD and you will attract people to view and comment your post. What words to use?

Quotation would be the best shot. Many famous figures have shared words worthy of reflecting yourself upon. As you might have seen in PSD flyer template, you may use their words to post. Just don’t forget to put their name too.

Instagram Post Idea #2 Greetings

If you want to be popular on Instagram, you’ve got to keep updating your posts at all times. Other than quotation, greetings could be one of the ideas as well. In Photoshop free download, put the greetings along with relevant photo. A photo of you with swimsuit to greet summer would be nice.

As for the wording, you can write “Hello, June” above the photo and “Summer Time” below it. Wouldn’t that look more interesting than with words only? Take a look at PSD template free. You don’t need to make it overly made.

Instagram Post Idea #3 About You

It is your Instagram we are talking about here. Of course, you may post about your days on your Instagram story. Template free PSD has some cool design ideas to use for such thing. A big post title such as “Sunday Mood” for example, can actually let you tell the world how you feel about the day.

You don’t need to always use words to express it. Just put photos of your bed, you stretching your hands, and you holding a paper showing sleeping face would creatively say how chill the morning is for you on Sunday. It looks cool too.

Instagram Post Idea #4 Advertising

These days, social media are effectively used for online marketing. If you run one, you can use Instagram to advertise your shop as well. It does not have to look so grand. If you are selling soaps for instance, just put a photo of your products in the middle on single colored background template.

With big font, type the name of your shop. Divide it on top and below. While you are at it, you may add your shop discounts on your Instagram post template too. Potential buyers might be greater in number in social media nowadays.

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