10+ Save the Date Template Free PSD

Save the Date Templates and What’s for the Background Designs

Are you getting married sometime soon? Then, you must be busy preparing everything. Wedding invitation would be one of them. There are all sorts of ways to make the invitation though. You are free to use save the date templates as well. It might look simple, but can be good if made well too.

“Save the Date” will be the title. As for the content, it would be the couple’s names; the wedding date, time, and address; and persuasive words. How about the background designs then? There are many choices you can try below.

Background #1 – Party Pattern

If you are inviting someone, you do expect them to enjoy the party, right? After all, what comes after the ceremony is the party. You can get inspiration from business plan template example PSD design. Since the invitation theme is party, you can put picture of a bottle and glass of wine in the template.

You don’t need to add anything else. Have it on single-colored layout and you are done with the background. Your next concern would be the wording. Example PSD design can show you how to make it sophisticate with just that.

Background #2 – Floral Pattern

Other relevant themes for wedding would be flowers. As you might have guessed, you can put blank box for the content over floral background. If not, you can simply have floral pattern surrounding the box to frame it. Free PSD template still has other choices worth to pick one from. What’s yours then?

If you don’t want the pattern look too much, you can have it on one or two corners of the template. Such design is indeed more elegant as you can see in free download PSD. That being said, the choice is still yours. Choose for yourself.

Background #3 – Holding Hands

What do you envision about wedding? It is about two individuals tying knot to live their life together, right? What could be better than a picture of two hands holding each other to represent the idea? It could be used for the template background. Customizable PSD template offers such design idea too.

You just need to type the content over it and be done with it. It is not time consuming at all and you can still get fine look from it. After all, it is quite an eye catching. Surely, your guests would be more than happy to come to the party.

Background #4 – Couple’s Photo

If you can use a picture of two hands holding together, why can’t you use a picture of yourself and your partner together? Wouldn’t it get the matter straight to the point that way? Take the photo close up and stretch it big on the template. Spare some space below the photo for necessary info.

After all, you still need to put the date, time, and place of the event. Sure, you can put this info on top of the photo instead. Save the date templates look all the more amazing with matching color scheme. Pay attention to it as well.

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