Painting Contractor Letterhead Customizable PSD Design Template

Painting Contractor Letterhead Free PSD Design

Painting contractor letterhead is surely needed when you have established a professional business in that particular field. A lot of people these days do not even have the time to paint and design their own house. That is why they would certainly hire a professional painting contractor to do the job. Here are some examples of letterhead that can be useful for the business.


What Should a Painting Contractor Letterhead Look Like?

A painting contractor letterhead should be eye-catching. After all, this is like the first thing people will see when they receive any letters, invoices, or notifications from you by mail. These are the things that you should give to the letterhead. By making the letterhead this particular way, you can make sure that your customers are highly satisfied with everything.

  1. A Lot of Colors

Of course, the letterhead of a painting contractor company should be completed by a lot of colors. Colors are just the ones associated with the job and business. However, if you think multiple color design is too much, you can stick with one base color and then use a few other colors here and there for contrast.

  1. Clear and Bold Font

Make sure that the company name, company message and contact number is written on the letterhead are easy to read. That is why they will have to be written in clear and bold font. Never let the writings get overpowered by the colorful design. It should be readable so that the receiver of the letter will have no difficulties in reading them.


Rainbow-Colored Painting Contractor Letterhead

This is one of the best painting contractor letterhead templates you will ever see here. The design is inspired by the colors of the rainbow. It looks great and cheerful. It depicts the professionalism of a painting contractor perfectly. By looking at the tons of colors used on the letterhead, people will notice straight away that the letter is coming from a painting-related company.


Painting Contractor Letterhead with Paint Chart

The painting job is always associated with a paint chart card. This is the kind of card they will always carry around to determine colors and shade for the wall. Bringing the cards into the letterhead design is no surprise. The example is right here. You can see the paint chart is displayed on the right side of the paper and it makes a gorgeous letterhead.


Simple PSD Painting Contractor Letterhead Design

If you like to keep everything simple, you need to choose this design. This is the simplest design with only a dash of bold black color on the side of the paper. Then, the icons used on the letterheads are the painting colors, like the brush and some others. You can download the PSD templates, and use them for free in your letter.  

After finding out the designs, you can download them as soon as possible. Simply select any of them that you need and then they will be ready for your letter. Completing your paperwork with painting contractor letterhead is certainly a good idea.

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