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How to Create an Effective IT Company Letterhead

Letterhead is an important office tool, including for the IT companies that are growing nowadays. As we know, the IT company is a business that focuses on developing technology services as the main product. No wonder the design of the IT company letterhead must be modern and professional. Also, the letterhead is the official forum of the company to give detailed information. Let’s discuss how to make an effective letterhead for the IT company.

IT Company Letterhead Contents

Well, you should know the parts of this letterhead. It will facilitate you in the layout making process. The letterhead has three main parts that you should know. Here they are.

  1. Header

The header is the part of the letterhead that’s located at the top area. Generally, you can put the company name, logo, and slogan in the header. Some details, such as telephone numbers and e-mails are also there. Moreover, the accent colors that represent the company will also be placed in the header. However, you should focus on the logo and company name first.

  1. Body

Moreover, the body is a part that lies in the middle area, and it has the most spacious space. Well, it is a place to write the messages to be sent to the recipient. This section will include a logo or company name, but with low opacity as a background. This transparent image will be like a watermark.

  1. Footer

Footer is located at the very bottom of the letterhead. No fixed rules are inputting the information on the letterhead. However, the most important thing is the level of neatness and professional appearance. The footer section usually contains less information than the header. The full address is commonly written in the footer.

The Effective IT Company Letterhead

  1. Use the template at the beginning

Using the IT Company letterhead template is a great idea to start your design. You can choose interesting themes and layouts according to the company’s vision and mission. The letterhead templates make it possible to make adjustments to the images and information. Don’t hesitate to use a ready-made template because it will certainly save your time and energy.

  1. A clean and minimalist approach

If you follow the design trends, you surely know the clean and minimalist approach is a popular choice nowadays. For example, is the logo. You often find a modern logo with a very simple shape but have a strong impression. Therefore, you can apply this style to your letterhead design.

IT Company Letterhead PSD Design

To make an effective IT company letterhead design, you need to pay attention to the font and logo size as well. This may seem trivial, but the level of readability is a priority. Make sure you complete the logo with a suitable font type and size.

Advantages of IT Company Letterhead PSD Format

There are many advantages of using the PSD template to make the IT company letterhead. Yes, you can get the PSD letterhead templates for free. Also, the template is easy to adjust with your details. As it comes as a PSD file, you will also get a high-quality image for your letterhead.  

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