Event ID Card Customizable PSD Design Template

Event ID Card Designs for the Teams and Committees

In holding an event, there are always committees or teams in charge of the preparation and the whole event. This team has an important task to make sure that event can run well, and there will not be any serious problems that occurred there. The teams commonly have an event ID card, so it is easier for anyone to find the team in case they need something or there is a problem to communicate. The ID card can be so useful even if it may look simple.


Creating the Event ID Card

In creating the ID card for the event, of course, it cannot be made randomly. It should be made well, so it can be a nice card, and it is also helpful for everyone later in the event. To make it better, sometimes these steps can be helpful.

  1. Get the theme

Before making the design, firstly it is to find the theme. It is not picked randomly, yet it is based on the theme of the event. By doing so, both event and ID card can have similar design and concept.

  1. Get the design

When the theme is fixed, then it is time to make the design. In case it is hard, it can use the dominant colors of theme and decoration, and apply it on the event ID card design.

  1. Fill the information

Once the design is ready, the important part is to input the information. At least, there should be a photo, name, and position of the team. These three points are enough information to know by people in the event.


Event Photographer ID Card

When it is a big event, commonly there can be photographers. These are important parts of the event since they have to make the documentation. Due to the task, they must have access to walk flexibly in the event and take pictures of many people, so they need an ID card.

Commonly, the ID card of the photographer is not different from the rest of the team. Even if they are not part of the main team, they have tasks in the event, and it may be confusing to make a different design. However, some events may also specifically design a different ID card for them.


Event Volunteer ID Card

For such an important and big event, commonly the whole team is not enough. Due to the scale and its importance, then the team will recruit a volunteer to take part in the event and help the team. This is common to find, can usually there is a recruitment process to get certain volunteers.

Since they are volunteers of big events, commonly they will get the ID cards. These ID cards may be different from the event ID card for teams. The general design is similar, but sometimes the volunteer has no photo or name. However, some events specifically make better preparation for the cards.


Downloadable Event ID Card PSD templates

In holding an event, there are many things to prepare. That is why sometimes it is not easy to handle all of the things. One of these is the ID card. Since it may be considered minor stuff, it is second in priority, and sometimes there is no time to prepare it well.  

When it happens, there is a solution. You can look for the downloadable ID card PSD templates. There is a website to get them, and the files are easy to download. Even, it is still possible to modify the event ID card, so it is very convenient.

Download :

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Event ID Card Template Sample 8 MB 356
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