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The Downloadable Body Guard ID Card PSD Templates

ID cards are found on many occasions. Commonly, the ID cards are given to some people with certain tasks or purposes. In this case, one of the people to get the cards are bodyguards. It may be quite unfamiliar to have some bodyguards since only some special people have them. However, since they are specific to protect someone, a bodyguard ID card is needed, so it is possible to prevent some bad things that may happen during the tasks of protecting the important persons.


Parts of Body Guard ID Card

Bodyguards have important tasks to protect and secure certain important persons. Due to the task, the ID card becomes something important since sometimes not all people can approach the important person. In the card, there are some parts to find, such as:

  1. Company’s name

For bodyguards, there is commonly a company name on top of the bodyguard ID card.  This may also become the name of an agency in which the bodyguards come from.

  1. Photo

Of course, there is information about the picture or photo. This is to make sure that the ID card is owned and used by the person in the picture. This is very important in the process of protecting a person.

  1. Personal information

At least, there is the name as the main important information. Then, it is possible to have a certain ID number on the card.

  1. Security code

Then, due to the importance of the task, it is possible to have a certain code on the card. The code can be scanned to make sure that the card is real. It can use the bar code or other kinds of code.


BodyGuard ID Card Designs

In terms of design, there can be many kinds of ID cards to find. Even, each company will surely have a specific design, and it is different from the others. In terms of its design, commonly it is made simple. There is a sense of seriousness on the card design.

Mostly, dark colors are used on the card. Red, black, and blue is common colors to find. Some cards also have a combination of colors. However, mostly the design is are made simple, and all information is made clear and readable, so sometimes the font for the name is made bigger than others,


BodyGuard ID Card PSD Samples

Since it may be quite uncommon to have some id cards for a bodyguard, sometimes it is not easy to make it. Although it can be made simple, it does not mean the design is ignored. Moreover, the card is not only to represent the bodyguard, but also the agency or company.

In this case, it is good to find some PSD bodyguard ID card samples. The sample can show some references for how to make the card. It shows the designs, and it can be adopted to get a new design. This can be an easier way instead o being confused.


BodyGuard ID Card PSD Templates

In addition to the samples, there is an easier way to make the ID cards. This can be done by looking for a downloadable template. This can be a fast solution, since commonly template already provides raw design, so people only need to make some changes to modify the design.  

To get the templates, there is a website providing many downloadable files. Various designs are available there, and all of the files are in PSD format. By using this format, it is easier to modify the bodyguard ID card and the desired design.

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