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Today, traditional advertising is not effective anymore. The most popular solution may be to make a customer journey map. It is a process lined out visually in a format displaying how customers are obtained. If you want to make it, you can see the following customer journey map template.

Advantages of a Customer Journey Map Template

Creating a customer map journey using our free template in PSD is much more effective. Before you start creating, you will have to know its benefits first. The main advantage of a customer journey map is for higher customer satisfaction.

Besides that, this customer journey map is also beneficial for lower customer churn or turnover. In addition, it is also advantageous for increased sales process. One more, better advocacy from the current customers also belongs to the benefit of a customer journey map.

Why Needs a Customer Journey Map Template?

There are some factors that make you need to make a customer journey map using this free download PSD. One of the factors is related to the sales process of your company including inbound and outbound. Besides that, the length of the average buying cycle also belongs to its factors.

The next factor why you need this map is that you have a recurring revenue model such as Saas. Another factor is related to level of post-sale interaction with the customers. Now, it is time for you to make your own customer journey map using our customizable PSD design template.

Kinds of Customer Journey Map Template

A customer journey map is divided into 3 types. It depends your goals. The first type is a current state mapping. It is made to understand how customers interact with your brand now. It usually aids to visualize the business experience process of a business.

The second type is a future state mapping. It is the list of what you will need to purchase at the store. It lays out the ideal journey you want to prospect & customers to take. This map is useful for both sales process as well as customer on boarding.

Day in the life mapping is another type. You can make it using our customizable PSD template easily. It is usually used as a part of sales process to better understand buyer persona. You can also use it to increase customer satisfaction as well as retention.

Key Elements of a Customer Journey Map Template

With this business plan template example PSD design, you can make your own customer journey map simply but you must know the following key elements. The first element is the personas. Besides that, the timeline also belongs to its key elements. However, the timeline can vary from one to another.

Touch point is the next key element you cannot miss out from your customer journey map template. Then, you also need to include device for an interaction. For the last element, it should be the emotion. It is what your customers feel at various touch points of the customer journey.

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