10+ Annual Report Free Template in PSD

Annual Report Template and How to Write It

Usually, a company uses an annual report to summarize information regarding its annual performance formally. It may relate to the entire operational year, programs conducted by the company, etc. If your company needs to write this document, the following annual report template may help you.

What to Include in an Annual Report Template

Using our PSD template free, you can make an annual report easily. However, make sure that it contains the following information. It usually starts with the dates. After that, you can continue with the activities which have been executed on the specified duration.

Then, the program implemented in the past operational year should also be included in it. Next, you also need to include specific reports from various departments in the company especially related to marketing, accounting, and finance.

Other information to be added in the template free PSD include the company’s operational condition, various factors affecting business operation areas, the business’ sales accounts and business programs regarding its professional relationship with clients.

Nonprofit Annual Report Template Samples

An annual report can also be used by a nonprofit organization. There are many example PSD design templates for nonprofit annual reports. One of them is a Church annual report to identify the Church’s activities in a year as well as the sources of findings for those activities.

Besides that, there is also a supplier annual report to ensure that all suppliers & money the business gives to acquire the services in a year are accurate & matching. Another example is an employee annual report to identify specific group of the work force composition in a year of operation.

Annual Report Template Designs

We have a collection of free PSD template with different designs. You can find a simple template for annual report, a yearend report template, an NGO annual report template design, an annual sales report sample template, an annual business report template, an annual financial report template, etc.

Actually, there are still many other template designs you can find here. There are such as an annual training report template, a corporate annual report template sample, a health & safety annual report template, an HR annual report sample, and uranium marketing report, a project annual report, etc.

How to Use Annual Report Template

Creating an annual report is not easy. It is sometimes frustrating because it takes a lot of time & efforts. That is why we offer you the following business card template PSD free for more effective way. You can save a lot of time & efforts as all of the templates are free to download, easy to edit and ready to print.

What all you have to do is to pick your preferred template first. After you find the most appropriate one, you are allowed to edit it. Make sure that you choose fonts, change color, and texts to fulfill your needs. When it is ready to use, you can directly print out the annual report template you have just edited.

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