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Contact Sheet Template and how to make it awesome to use

The contact sheet is one of the essential ideas for you who want to see the images at the same size as the film negative. With this role, you need to arrange a contact sheet template that will help you to collect the best photos with beautiful appearance because this template will be your reference to print.

This idea is also called as a contact sheet because the film was placed in close contact with paper when printing them. If you want to make this template getting impressive, you can choose one of the best contact sheet template PSD ideas that will facilitate you to design this template looking better easily.

How to create a contact sheet template getting impressive 

To make your template looking great, you need to select the proper template for your contact sheet. You can select the template that full of images to add to your contact sheet. To choose the images for your contact sheet, you can choose it on the folder or saved as a Smart Collection on the folder.

Choosing the template sometimes will be confusing so that you need to understand more about this contact sheet template PSD design. The template usually will come with the program so that it will facilitate you very well to edit or customize the contact sheet without any difficulties on the file.

How to make a contact sheet template interesting

Furthermore, to make this template getting more interesting, you can create your own custom template and save it as a User template. The template usually will give you several options for different sizes of the contact sheet. The size is of course not a size of the print but to the number of columns and rows in the contact sheet.

In this section, you also need to remember that the template will show you a preview of the layout. With this idea, you can see the Preview Panel right above the Template Browser. To make your contact sheet template design PSD better, you can control which images appear in the contact sheet to make it better.

Set the best image layout on the contact sheet template

You need to decide the image layout better to make your contact sheet looking great. You can use the tools to adjust the setting for the contact sheet. This idea usually will include layout and page styles. With this idea, the template can zoom in to fill the space so that you can cropping the images into a square and cut off a part of the images.

Next, you can rotate to fit the image. This idea will facilitate you to have a great design on the contact sheet. If you are confused, you can set the stroke border on the contact sheet template idea PSD. This additional idea on the edge of the image will make the design looking awesome.

Remember to customize the setting 

Last, you only need to customize the setting of your contact sheet template. In this section, you have to customize the template suitable with your desire to make the contact sheet looking better to see.

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