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Those who are looking for printable family trees can find their much needed templates here. Family tree is indeed important and quite common to make. However, making one is requiring time and high creativity. If they cannot make it on their own, they can simply look for the templates here. With the templates, that family tree will be ready in no time at all. Find out more about it here.

Blank Family Tree

Why You Need a Family Tree?

Before getting to the part where you can get the template for family tree, let’s find out why making the tree is important. After reading the explanations down below, surely you can understand the reasons behind the making of this type of chart. Then, downloading these printable family trees won’t be such a strange thing to do anymore. Here they are:

  1. Preserving Family History

By having family tree at home, of course every family will be able to preserve the history of their relatives and kin. The younger generations and smaller kids will be able as well to recognize their ancestors just by looking at the family tree. It makes them having the great understanding about who they are and where their family comes from.

family tree chart

  1. For Genealogical Research

If you ever need detailed information of your family for the purpose of genealogical research, a family tree may help greatly. By examining the tree, of course you can see who your great-great-great grandparents were, and anything else like that. It will help a lot to track the ancestors of the family for sure.

Examples of Printable Family Trees


  1. Simple Family Tree Templates

This is the printable family trees with simplest form. It has no details, only the black-and-white lines with boxes as space to write down the name of the family member as well as their position in the generation. This is the type of family tree that you want for practical purpose, not for having them displayed or framed to hang on the wall.

Form Family Tree Template

  1. Illustrated Family Tree Templates

For smaller kids or for classroom activities, usually the format of the tree that they are need is the illustrated one. The tree is designed like an actual tree, with colorful leaves and branches here and there. They are so good to get displayed on the wall or to be framed and kept. If you need this format, get the templates here.

Four Generation Family Tree form

  1. Family Tree Templates with Photographs

Instead of just names, a good family tree should display photographs as well. This is the format of the family tree with spaces to stick photograph as well. Get several of them here and use it to make a good family tree on your own.

Six Generation Family Tree Form

Even though a family tree can be made on your own, by drawing it or designing it, the result will be so much better if you use a template. You do not have to worry about missing a branch or anything else. Everything is already on the printable family trees templates and all you need to do is just editing it and filling the templates with your family’s information.

Small Family Tree Three Generation Family Tree Chart Tree Generation Family Chart 5 generation Ancestor Chart Vitals 5 generation family tree

printable family trees

family tree printable
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family tree printable

family tree printable
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