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Printable Time Card for Proper Planner and Scheduling

Time card is the term to represent planner at specific time. Mostly, you see printable time card alongside the event or activity. The simplest example is schedule for classroom. Each period has different study you must attend. Therefore, the time card contains schedule for one week, and you may do the same activity again next week.

Digital technology changes the way people make schedule. You do not need big printable one in room. However, it does not mean printable table is out of date. For schedule or event that constantly changes, flexibility is obligatory. That’s why printable card is still preferable.

The Type of Printable Time Card

Printable time card is general term that refers to specific planning. You need to specify what time you want to put in that table. Based on this category, you may consider the below list before creating time card on your own.

  1. Daily and weekly

Time card with daily and weekly is the most common planner. In daily schedule, you put time in hourly and minutes period. This is suitable for daily routine when people do not change their activity too much. For weekly, the time card is quite similar to daily one but only at daily basis. The schedule is planned based on the days a week.

  1. Specific event

Next time card uses the event as basis to develop planning. For example, you are the project officer at specific event. For schedule, you create time card and each activity is planner. After that, the planning is no longer useful because the event is done.

  1. Monthly and long term planner

Monthly time card is usually for schedule that involves many aspects. For example, the company has monthly schedule for employees to follow. Long-term planner is usually more than one year. As you know, months and years are also part of time. That’s why they are in this list.

Contents in Printable Time Card

After knowing what printable time card you want to make, the next thing is content in that card. Below list contains three major components that the time card always has.

  • Timing section
  • Event or activity
  • Note

For additional part, you can add title and signature. Title helps to identify which schedule that the card will be applied. Moreover, signature is usually for official or formal schedule. On the other hand, you can put signature to indicate that the card is yours.

Timing section depends on the card itself, such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or specific event. You need to put precise timing in each activity. The note is extra section where users put anything that’s not declared yet.

Creating time card

Time card is not difficult thing to make. You just need software and then create table for each contents. After that, fill everything based on what the card supposed to be. As alternative, spreadsheet is preferable because it is already in table layout.

Another option is template that you may obtain from various sources. Before using template, make sure to pick the one that’s suitable with your needs. Edit and modify the template then add your signature. After all of contents are fulfilled, you can print your printable time card.

printable timecards

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Double-click on the template you want to download. When you find the template you need to use, double click on it. The template of the time card is useful for the company to ensure that employees are managed well at all times. Providentially, Microsoft’s time card template can take a great deal of effort to manage payroll difficulties.

printable time card

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Free Time Card Template | printable blank PDF time card time

Free Time Card Template | printable blank PDF time card time

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