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Simple Guidance to Make Account Plan Template

The account plan template is important for all of you who want to develop your business or company. When you have a company or you take business, you need to have clear goals and strategies to reach your goal. It is not an easy job because you work with so many people with so many backgrounds too. That is why you need to know the strategy and then keep it on your plan so you can easily get your goal.

Advantages of Making Account Plan Template

Before you write your account plan template, you need to know some advantages that you will get when you make it. There are some advantages that you will get and you will find advantages in the account plan here.

1.  Expand the understanding of customer’s goals, motivations and also customer’s business.

When you make a clear account plan, you will be able to identify your goal and also know the real motivation of you and your customer. It is important to know the goal and you can check your progress too to get your goal.

2.  Deliver more values

When you have an account plan, it is simple to deliver more values that will become a solution to show whether you have good services for others or not.

3.  Identify Risk

To avoid risk, limitation and also barriers, you need to have a clear account plan too. It helps you to make you free from something bad for your business in the future time.

Step by Step Making Account Plan

After you know some advantages in making an account plan, you also need to know step by step to make your account plan. You can follow some steps below.

1.  Business Overview

When you want to make an account plan, you need to understand your customer’s narrative first. You need to know the customer’s business objective, industry landscape, internal and external challenges first. You need to summarize all things such as year founded, annual revenue, number of employees, industry outline of the vital numbers, target market and some other things.

2.  Key Business Initiatives

The next thing that you must prepare when you want to make an account plan is focusing on key projects, short and long-term priorities, key performance indicator and some other things.

3.  Customer Relationship Landscape

There are some questions that you must ask when you want to get customer relationship landscape such as relationship history, relationship ap, what job titles that become the target and some other questions.

4.  Customer Products and Revenues

The next item that you must add to your account plan is customer product and revenues. You need to include some information such as whitespace analysis, current margin performance wins and losses in 12 months, current sales performance and some other elements related to products and revenues.

5.  Competitor Analysis

The last thing that you also need to know is competitor analysis. You need to identify your competitor, competitor strengths and your competitor’s weaknesses.  

When you have already got the answer to all elements listed above, you will be able to make your best account plan template. You can check some examples of templates for account plans in some sources.

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