Account Receivable Job Description 2020 in accuracy Information

The account receivable job description clarifies that this professional is not similar to the debt collector. However, this position also makes sure the client returns their debt properly promptly. Is the account receivable job description template still strange in your ears? Let’s learn it both to apply for or hiring the accountant.

Account Receivable Job Description presents 9 Responsibilities to follow

Well, you will find 9 responsibilities within the account receivable job description. They are:

  1. Process, verify and then post the receipt to the services or goods.
  2. Research and then resolve the discrepancies of accounts.
  3. Record some transactions at glance process it.
  4. Maintain records for the account status and payments.
  5. Ensure records are complete and accurate by getting other departments’ information. Then, make sure the journals and accounts receivable ledgers keep up to date.
  6. Discuss the clients’ accounts by contacting them.
  7. Generate statements as well as reports for internal use.
  8. Review the clients ‘credit history, payment, and accounts by working with the collections department. This way helps to develop better or new terms of repayment.
  9. The account receivable performs clerical and administrative tasks. It includes sending bill reminders, preparing invoices, data entry, and filing paperwork. Besides that, it updates job knowledge by involving in ongoing educational opportunities.

Account Receivable Job Description presents 7 Requirements to fulfill

Besides presenting nine responsibilities, the account receivable job description prepares 6 requirements to fulfill. Have you ever read it before? Let’s see it:

  • Graduate from finance, accounting, or the similar in the bachelor’s degree. However, the experience and education as the combination have a chance to accept.
  • Strong bookkeeping by relying on typing, math, and other computer skill.
  • Ability to show excellent research, time management, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • It has a high level of accountability, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Capable to build relationships between internal departments and clients.

The information on the account receivable job description is clear and understandable. You can start to comply with account receivable duties and qualifications from now. Comply with it, immediately display the job advertisement, and meet them in the interview section. Use all social media, electronic media, and mass media to show your job vacancy. Yeah, it is simple but you must do it orderly. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is Account Receivable?

The account receivable works to generate companies’ revenue. It does by ensuring the clients get a bill properly. The bill is for services, goods, and working with other departments. It turns out this way is useful to make sure to get the correct amounts gathering promptly.

  • What is the Main Duty of Account Receivable?

In general, the account receivable has some duties as their responsibilities. It starts from verifying until performing other tasks. Recording transactions and resolving account differences are parts of those duties for securing the clients’ payments.

  • Can you edit this Job Description for Account Receivable?

Yes, of course! This online template is available for people in busy time but wants to make sure everything runs under their control. This free-editable online template is easy to use with the quick result for professional results. All people like it because they do not need to work from the earlier. Meanwhile, the result in perfect design is like their desire.


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