Activities Assistant Job Description Template Details

An activities assistant, who is also known as an activities aide, becomes the one who works for making the social events successful. He or she supposes to help and facilitate social events as well as assist employees, volunteers, resources, etc. The activities assistant job description must also include planning recreational events for varied environments. An activities assistant usually uses the activities assistant job description template to help her or him to do his works better.

Activities Assistant Job Description Information

We are looking for the activities assistant to work with us and do all activities assistant job description duties. The candidate must be able to work with a team to schedule, manage, and coordinate events well. More importantly, he or she should have great interpersonal and communication skills since they will speak with other people often to get feedback.

Activities Assistant Responsibilities

Working as an activities assistant, you must take the responsibilities to do all the activities assistant description tasks, such as:

  • Plan, organize, and facilitate daily to monthly events for socialization, recreation, and relaxation purposes
  • Follow all the safety standard procedures
  • Facilitate activities with certain needs
  • Provide participants with detailed instructions, to begin with
  • Handle logistics of the whole aid operation including making phone calls, handling budgets, advertising, managing inventory, and training, motivating participants or volunteers as well as coordinating the transportation
  • Ensure the events are well-prepared; all the event staff are proficient
  • Ensure the event is on time and within budget
  • Observe all the participants get their feedback for the next event’s improvement
  • Report any medical concern during the events
  • Keep all event records such as event resources or participant interest
  • Record any notable information including injuries or other incidents

Activities Assistant Job Qualifications

If you would like to apply as an activities assistant in our developing company, you must meet the activities assistant job description qualifications first, including :

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experienced as an activities assistant before (preferred)
  • Further nursing education or experience
  • Familiar with recreational activities and event schedules
  • Willing to work anytime
  • CPR or first-aid training is preferable
  • Have great verbal and written communication skills
  • Great physical fitnesses (dance, stand, lift, walk, etc)
  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Great time and resource management
  • Excellent patience (be able to deal with sick or injured people)
  • Excellent organizational and record-keeping


Activities Assistant FAQ

What is an Activities Assistant?

An activities assistant must be the one with great multi-tasking skills who helps the event holder to schedule and arrange the event well. She will take part to manage volunteers, employees, look for feedback, facilitate and give resources, etc. She will also be the person who makes the event within budget.


What Should You Include in an Activities Assistant Job Vacancy?

If you are going to post an activities assistant job vacancy, you must write down both requirements and qualifications needed. Make sure the applicants have excellent time management and multi-tasking skills since they will do several tasks at one time.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for an Activities Assistant?

An activities assistant must be busy because he is the one who does a lot of works. Therefore, it is important to interview them and check whether or not they are experienced in handling several tasks at the same time.


That’s all about the activities assistant job; hopefully, it will be useful for you who need it as for ideas.





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