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Writing Annual Fundraising Plan Templates

If you do not have the annual fundraising plan, then you are not alone. Most people who work in a small nonprofit organization or company do not have a fundraising plan. Or they may have several ideas that they want to do, but it does not write down anywhere – means that it is not a real plan.

You should know that this plan will make you stay focused and keep on the right track so you spend your day doing those things to raise large bucks for your nonprofit needs. But, there are many things that you have to know to make a good annual fundraising template.

Why do you need an annual fundraising plan?

You should know that this plan brings you many benefits. Your plan gives you the roadmap for this year so you always know what will happen next. This is also a great plan if you put revenue projections and you will get great ideas about the cash flow for this year. You would be more productive since you will do things that move you to your goals.

Tips to make an annual fundraising plan

There are some basic steps to write your annual fundraising plan, regarding the size of your nonprofit and its efforts as well. You can follow these steps to make your best plan and guide all your fundraising activities for the next year.

1.      Learning from the past

This is very important to decide on fundraising activities to include in your plan based on your data – not your emotion. In another word, do not repeat something just because you always have or you love those activities.

You can do it because numbers show you that you will get a good return on your investment or ROI from it. It’s highly recommended to collect at least 4 times what you’ve spent for mailing, event or other efforts.

2.      Set up your goals

One of the common mistakes that many people make to make this plan is being a victim of Shiny Ball Syndrome. They are easy to distract with something new and do not always follow things until making to fruition.

What you really need is the goals to guide you through your way and tackle any obstacle. The goals will help you to define the impact of what will happen in your nonprofit this year. This is a measured effect which been agreed by the organization team and all people move in that direction together.

3.      Build your fundraising strengths

So, you can make a list of strengths or organization assets that make your organization stand out from the crowd and make fundraising easier, such as the large base of support, great mission, well-known staff, websites, and facilities. You can make a great plan based on your personal strengths and the organization’s assets.

4.      Have the right strategies

When you consider what activities you want to include in this plan then you have to consider several things. You can follow these basic steps to make a great annual fundraising plan.

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