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Tips to Write Annual Marketing Plan

This annual marketing plan template will help you to adjust or set your marketing on the right track to make your company can achieve the goals. You can consider it as a high-level plan which guides the direction of your goals, campaigns, and growth as well.

You should know that things can be so messy and almost impossible to place a number of your budget which you need to secure for the hiring, projects and outsourcing that you will meet a year if you do not have a plan at all. Keep in mind that there are some variations of the marketing plan that you need depending on your industry and goals if your marketing team.

Why do you need an annual marketing plan template?

Today, marketers make their integrated marketing plan which includes content marketing, media marketing, SEO and email marketing, those things are necessary to attract and change buyers in the digital area. The steps that you take today to make your simple and clear marketing plan will place the foundation for a year ahead – it helps you to get quantifiable and measurable results.

The elements of making an annual marketing plan

1.      Your business summary

In the marketing plan, your business summary was pretty the same as what it sounds – organization summary. It includes your company name, mission statements, and headquarters as well – all those things should be consistent with the business as a whole.

Keep in mind that your marketing plan should include SWOT analysis which represents your SWOT analysis. You should be patient with this SWOT analysis – you will write most of them based on how you can fill up some elements of your marketing plan.

2.      Include the market strategy

The market strategy usually uses information such as the target market section to describe how your company must approach the market. What does your business want to offer buyers that your competitors do not offer them? This section may contain several things such as place, price, promotion, people, product and so on.

3.      Lock your target

You have to do some basic market research first. If your company has done market research in a while, the parts of your marketing plan may be easier to unite. Finally, elements in your marketing plan will help you to describe the industry that you want to sell to.

4.      Your Budget

You should not make mistakes in the budget element in your marketing plan along with your product price or other financials. Your budget will explain how much money you want to allocate to the marketing team to chase the initiatives and goals which have been described in those elements. It’s all depending on how much an individual will expense your have, you need to consider this budget carefully.

5.      Making your marketing channels

The last, your annual marketing plan template will include the list of your marketing channels. Although your company may want to promote that product themselves using certain ads space. Keep in mind that your marketing channel is a place that you use to publish your content to educate buyers, increase brand awareness and generate leads as well. 

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