Assistant Property Manager Job Description and 5 Vital Questions

Assistant Property Manager job description demonstrates the detailed duties of the administrative responsibilities. This duty must undertake to help the daily property management operations. On the other hand, it also as two other responsibilities of coordinating maintenance work and inspecting property conditions. Well, those all exist in this Assistant Manager Property Management job description.

Assistant Property Manager Job Description 2020 with 8 Liabilities

By the way, you will see 8 liabilities on this Assistant Property Manager job description. These duties draw the responsibilities of inspecting, coordinating, and administrative performing. The administrative tasks include handling resident relations and organizing property viewings. For further information, look at below:

  1. Prepare and arrange a schedule of property viewings for interviewing prospective tenants and performing property tours.
  2. Overcome and settle residents’ concerns, questions, and complaints promptly.
  3. Negotiate contracts, conduct credit checks, and processing applications.
  4. Undertake property conditions inspection and coordinate maintenance activities.
  5. Manage accounts, budgets, rent collections, as well as tenant notices.
  6. Attract new tenants by designing and distributing marketing materials.
  7. Keep, organize, and update the resident’s records and files.
  8. Report any problems to the Manager of the property.

8 Qualifications on Assistant Property Manager Job Description 2020

According to the Assistant Property Manager job description, a candidate must meet 8 qualifications. It includes:

  • High school diploma/GED. Even though, some manufactures prefer a degree in management, business, or real estate.
  • Expose prior experience during working as property management or real estate.
  • Great working knowledge standards and regulations of the industry.
  • Excellent communication skills including verbal and written.
  • Strong skills in organizational and time management.
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Basic bookkeeping skills.

Guide to interview Assistant Property Manager Job Description, Applicants

The last step after finishing this job description is running the interview section. However, you cannot undertake it before posting the job advertising. Meanwhile, the interview section will succeed when you include these 5 important questions:

  1. Ask the candidate for describing their experience within working in the real estate industry or property management.
  2. Secondly, ask for describing how to managing properties or portfolios. Usually, it relates to how to prioritize and organize tasks.
  3. You may ask for an example of how do they attract new tenants. Ask about the achievement that they desire outcome.
  4. Ask about their best method to collect rent.
  5. Find out how they deal with difficult tenants.

Well, that is detailed information on the Assistant Property Manager job description. This template guides you from the earlier until welcoming the new staff with professional skills. Even, you know the knowledge and ability properly. Good luck!


  • What is an Assistant Property Manager?

An Assistant Property Manager is a staff handling the administrative tasks of property management. The duties include inspecting, coordinating, handling, and organizing.

  • Could you add or reduce the Job Description?

Yes, of course! It is the general form of the job description so that you are safe to customize it. The most important thing it keeps emphasizing the requirements, qualification, and the role in the office.

  • How do you know your Assistant Property Manager meet the Qualifications?

Test their ability, skill, knowledge, and behaviors in the interview section by asking for the basic questions. Use the basic questions that represent your mission and vision.



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