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Things to Know about Asthma Action Plan

First, what is an asthma action plan?

This written plan or template helps to recognize when your asthma was getting worse and what you need to do. This asthma action plan also helps you in different things such as better asthma control, reducing the use of pain reliever, fewer days off school or office and fewer asthma attacks. So, developing your asthma plan with your doctor can be very important and should include related to your own circumstances including your triggers, patterns and current management.

This action plan also one of the most effective asthma management tools that you can use. If you are or someone who takes responsibility for has asthma, then you need to ask about developing this action plan with your own doctor.

Making your personal plan

Your action plan suits different people, but all plans should have the same key information and it may be depending on the symptoms or peak flow measurements as well. When making plans for children usually depending on the symptoms as the same effect as the peak flow. You should know that your asthma action plan should include this information such as:

  • A list of your personal medicines, even including the doses
  • Clear instructions about what to do when your symptoms getting worse
  • What to do in the asthma emergency
  • Mentioned the name of your doctor or another health professional who prepared that plan for you
  • The date

So, what to do with your asthma action plan?

After you with your doctor finished making your plan, then it gives you to keep. Or you can use it as a great reminder to your usual medication dose, what triggering things need to worry and you can check anything that you need to if you feel unhealthy.

It’s also better to get copies in your car, home and workspace as well. Your action plan is also available in different formats that you can choose based on your needs. You have to ask your doctor what the best plan suits you.

If you are a parent or carer of a person who has asthma, then you may want to get additional copies of this action plan so that they can give one to their regular carers. You also need to give a copy to your kid’s school or other facilities. Keep in mind to review this action plan regularly with your doctor since asthma can change over time.

How do you read the asthma action plan?

There are many ways to use a color-coded system to help others understand this template. Usually, templates use zone system which is based on the red, yellow and green hues. This action plan will use the peak flow readings and symptoms to decide that zone.

  • The green zone can be said as the safety zone explaining how to manage asthma when the patient is feeling good
  • The yellow zone is a caution zone that explains you to look for the symptoms were getting worse.
  • The red zone is a danger zone explains what to do when the patients were severe

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