Auto Mechanic Job Description 2020 for 3 Main Duties 

The auto mechanic job description explains the requirements and duties of a mechanic. Mechanic and Automotive technicians are the synonyms of this profession. They working in the workshop need an auto repair job description. This template does not only ensure their performance but it understands how to hire it properly.

10 Requirements on Auto Mechanic Job Description 2020

There are 10 requirements according to the auto mechanic job description of the day. However, those are the explanation of three main responsibilities. In common, the mechanic must diagnose the vehicle. Then, it repairs the issues if any or just helps to prevent the problem. When the vehicle performs excellently, it makes the vehicle operates reliable and safe. Go on the following 10 duties to add your knowledge and comprehension:

  1. Work with other automotive technicians and the manager to undertake some duties. For example; diagnose and repair the vehicle’s components of electrical and mechanical.
  2. Listen to the clients about the vehicle history, desiring services, and potential problems.
  3. Conduct inspections, test drivers, and other diagnostic tests to identify the existing problems on vehicles. It helps to determine which parts must repair or replace.
  4. Undertake oil changes, replacing brakes, replacing fluids, and flushing as the preventative maintenance on vehicles.
  5. Repair vehicle damage, wash and paint the exterior parts.
  6. Create a schedule with clients, estimation, as well as get options for repairs.
  7. Examine and control the internal systems to ensure the vehicle will operate properly according to the state regulations.
  8. Maintain an accurate record of service history, clients, parts, and their vehicles.
  9. Use shop equipment, repair as necessary, and maintain it regularly.
  10. Ability to learn and update technical skills as well as job knowledge.

6 Requirements on Auto Mechanic Job Description

It breaks three responsibilities into 10 duties but the requirements are not as many as liabilities. The auto mechanic job description just records 6 qualifications to use such as below:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • It has the experience, certifications, or additional education.
  • Show the ability to diagnose problems on the vehicle and the repair. Besides that, it follows safety directions and instructions.
  • Proficient to use hand tools and other equipment.
  • Terrific skills of active listening, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Strong work ethic for reliability, self-motivation, and independence.

The chief jobs of auto technicians are diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining vehicles. However, those responsibilities need a lot of action. To complete those liabilities, the company must have the right and professional mechanic. Luckily, you meet this auto mechanic job description that effective to screen the candidate. Add your ideas to both the liabilities and requirements for getting the perfect job description on your version. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is an Auto Mechanic or Auto Technician?

The third name is Mechanic and it is the worker specialist for vehicle repair and maintenance.

  • How does Mechanic perform?

Before taking action for maintaining or repairing, it should examine to diagnose the damage. Inspecting and testing drivers are two effective ways to perform it.

  • What do the Requirements for applying to?

It better does not rely on the high school diploma but prioritize them that have additional education. Prioritize one having working experience and certifications. Nonetheless, all requirements above are vital to pay attention to.


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