Automotive Technician Job Description for 12 Duties Professionally


Automotive technician job description exists in the workshop, dealer, and the fields that pertain to automotive. Nowadays, the necessity of technicians for automotive increases rapidly along with the increasing types of cars and their production. Therefore, your chance to be a technician is also big enough. So, understand this automotive technician mechanic job description sample!

The Automotive Technician Job description on Responsibilities and the Definition

The automotive technician works for repairing vehicles while inspecting and maintaining. The job handles cars, light trucks, and other kinds of vehicles. Based on the field, it has some synonyms like an auto technician and a service technician. Even, people also call it as an auto mechanic and service technician.

By the way, the responsibilities of an auto technician are extremely big and plenty. An automotive technician job description outlines the duties below:

  • Fix and maintain customer’s vehicles.
  • Use diagnostic equipment to check the vehicle ‘s problems
  • Make an impressive customer service by explaining automotive issues and repairs.
  • Utilize the experience and charts manuals to plan the procedures of repair.
  • Conduct a functionality test for systems and parts.
  • Undertake maintenance tasks and basic auto care. It is such as tire rotation, fluid level checks, and oil changes.
  • Repair and replace sensors, wheel bearings, brake pads, and other parts.
  • Give general mechanic work and routine maintenance on vehicles.
  • Prepare an additional certification if you need it.
  • Look for hands-on training to learn directly.
  • Keep a professional appearance.
  • Keep the repair shop organizes and cleans.
  • Keep a professional appearance.

Automotive Technician Job Description helps to prepare some Requirements

It turns out the auto mechanic has 13 duties to undertake every day. It is according to the first section of the automotive technician job description above. Besides the responsibilities, the candidate must understand what to prepare as an auto technician. There are 14 requirements to fulfill and get this job:

  1. It needs experience in the engine and automotive repairs also auto mechanic training.
  2. ASE certifications.
  3. Valid driver’s license.
  4. It needs an associate degree program graduation in auto repair and maintenance.
  5. Willing to maintain a professional appearance besides providing friendly customer service.
  6. The auto mechanic has to read, transcribe data, and interpret it to maintain records accurately.
  7. Give a fast-paced environment to do routine maintenance and tasks.
  8. Ability to lift objects until 50 lbs.
  9. The education level for applying this job is at least a high school diploma and equivalent level.
  10. Excellent hand-eye coordination.
  11. Ready to join on the job training and has experience as a lube technician.
  12. Perceive the air-conditioning systems for automotive.
  13. Excellent to operate diagnostic equipment.
  14. Familiar with some heavy equipment. It is such as diesel engine knowledge, diesel mechanic, and willing to undertake on-the-job training.

So, an automotive technician must have fourteen things or qualifications as the early step to work. After that, the worker must say willing to undertake all duties in 12 points above. Those liabilities and qualifications are extremely easy to change. Usually, it happens when the owner wants to add or reduce it. Indeed, each workshop has a different policy but the difference is just a few. Know your skill and passion! Who knows you can fulfill the automotive technician job description? Good luck!


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