Baby Shower Plan Template

Create the Best Baby Shower Plan

A baby shower is a small celebration to welcome the little one. Besides the baby shower also aims to provide pregnant women with entertainment before birth. Planning a baby shower can be done in advance for better preparation. Having a memorable baby shower is needed for the baby shower planner as preparation. Here are the plans for a baby shower.

1. Determine the date and time of implementation

The first thing that can be done is to determine the appropriate date and time to do the baby shower. The date can be chosen based on the agreement of the spouse or consultation with the closest family who already has previous experience. Make preparations by determining all the requirements needed. The best time to prepare is 7 weeks before the big day.

2. Decide who will be invited

Make a list of invitations for guests to be invited. To give a more intimate impression of inviting the closest people like friends, relatives and family can be the right idea. After the guest list is finished immediately send an invitation to include the RSVP deadline and location. You can distribute invitations a maximum of 5 weeks before the big day.

3. Determine the venue

Choose a place that matches the number of guests invited. The more the number of guests, the venue to be used will be even greater. Make sure to choose the right and comfortable venue for a baby shower planner. Celebrating a baby shower in the living room or garden is the right choice. Both are the right place to do a baby shower.

Also, you can save costs by not paying the cost of renting a place. If there isn’t enough space at home, using a place at the hotel can also be an appropriate alternative. If you want to use the hotel, make sure you make a reservation in advance or at least 6 weeks before the event.

4. Determine the event decor

You can specify décor based on the theme to be used. Using a theme during a baby shower makes it easy to determine the decor. Choose decorations that are simple but still meaningful.

5. Define the menu

For the menu, you can adjust the budget you have. Choose a menu that can support the theme you picked. If you find it difficult to determine the menu, you can use a catering service. Usually, catering services also provide special menus for baby shower purposes.

6. Determine the event during a baby shower

Decide what kind of event you want to do during the baby shower. Make an agenda of events that are interesting and can run with fun from the main event to entertainment. You can arrange events by including game events as entertainment, opening gifts to making hopes for the little one.

7. Event preparation

Two weeks before the event, you can be sure to check the guests who will attend via RSVP. Make sure all the preparations have been completed starting from the purchase of groceries, decorations, and places. Towards the big day, you can start to prepare decorations, prepare dishes and events when the baby show is well organized.

8. The big day

Make sure everything is ready starting from the decoration, dishes, number of guests invited as the baby shower planner. Immediately start the event if almost all the guests have come. During the event, don’t forget to take as many photos as you can to remember the event. Starting from the revealed gender, the game, and provide the best wishes for the little one.

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