Baker Job Description for working with Feeling

Baker’s job description applies to all employees in the factories or other cake makers. It explains what they should undertake and prepare including the requirements. Well, let’s see this baker job description workable before beginning to transfer to your file. Feel free to change anything for your goodness.

Baker Job Description on 8 Mandatory Duties

Baker works with delicious flavors from the wheat, sugar, egg, butter, and so on. It turns out the responsibility is more than understanding what they should do. However, they must truly understand the ingredients, equipment, and recipe. Thus, they do not only skillful on hands but also the brain and feeling must run harmoniously. The bakery must have the accurate skill to measure and mix to make the dough. Ensuring all raw ingredients has a good quality that is still fresh, healthy, and eatable.

On the other hand, the baker is willing to adhere to food safety and quality standards. By the way, cooking also needs the discipline to avoid overcook or still rare. Those all will explain through 8 duties in the baker job description template. Well, here we go:

  1. Design as well as improve recipes.
  2. Measure and mix ingredients using specific tools. Mixers, heat sources, and blenders are familiar equipment to make bread. It matches for making cookies, bread, cakes, others that need to bake.
  3. Decorating, garnishing the products before displaying them in the store.
  4. To know the quality of food controls and safety is by testing finished goods and the ingredients.
  5. Undertaking customer services from greeting until giving special services. After greeting the customers, the baker must answer inquires, recommend the best products, receive orders, and transaction.
  6. Keeping records for inventory, product levels, and delivery.
  7. Gather client information and ensure the package conveys to the customers on time and accurately.
  8. Clean all equipment and restock workstations for the next shift.

8 Requirements for keeping on Baker Job Description

Next, the baker job description adds 8 requirements to adhere to each applicant. It consists of:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent. More education and or experience will get more priorities.
  • According to one of the duties, it must have strong communication skills. Besides that, add other skills like planning and resource management.
  • The detail in paying attention to the inspections of ingredients and product quality.
  • Good computer skills and basic math.
  • Ability to solve problems along with other team members or independently. This way also applies to create delicious baked goods, fulfill orders, and plan schedules.
  • Willing to run flexible working time like a holiday, weekend, night, and early morning for satisfying customer demands.
  • Willing to work in a hectic and heat environment while standing, walking, and bending. Lifting heavy items and using appliances and hands to work is no problem.

According to the baker job description of the day, the duties and requirements look serious. However, none regret to work here although their working hour is extremely flexible.


  • What is Baker?

Baker here is the worker who makes many kinds of bakeries using some equipment and hands. It must understand the recipe, safety, and quality of the foods.

  • What are the Liabilities of a Baker?

It has some duties for resulting cakes, cookies, bread, and so on. The workplace is from the kitchen until in the cash register.

  • What best Education of a Baker?

A high school diploma can work here but the chance is bigger when the candidate has the experience and additional education.

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