Bartender Job Description to serve Patrons Professionally

A bartender works in bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants until cruise ship and they work under a bartender job description.  Use it as a guide to employing the employee with excellent ability and skills. This page is providing the bartender job description on a cruise ship, bar, café, and so on. Follow and comply with your job desk for giving your bartender!

Bartender Job Description on 9 Responsibilities

According to the bartender job description, this worker does not only mix, but also garnish, and serve. However, it has 9 duties that must fulfill every day such as below:

  1. Firstly, the bartender obliges to welcome guests or customers. Continue by reading and listening to what people determine to drink. Do not forget to offer recommendations before taking orders.
  2. Planning and design beverage menus then informing the special and new beverages to customers.
  3. Develop new recipes for a cocktail.
  4. Sort, select and mix the ingredients for the customers’ beverages. Garnish the glasses before serving it to them.
  5. Make sure the customers have a legal age to purchase and drink alcohol by checking identification.
  6. Ensure the will not lack supplies on the tables and bars by taking stock orders and inventory.
  7. Adhering to all regulations for food quality and safety.
  8. Handle any transaction by cash, debit card, and credit. This duty runs to ensure the bartender count the charges accurately to balance the cash register. Besides that, it must return change to patrons correctly.
  9. The bartender maintains clean dining and working areas. He does it by cleaning tables, washing glasses, equipment, utensils, and removing trash.

Bartender Job Description of Requirements

Based on the bartender job description of the day, it needs a few requirements to fulfill. Exactly, it needs 9 requirements to show in the job advertisement:

  • High School Diploma. But, it needs experience, training, additional education, and or certificates.
  • The bartender must meet the minimum age to play with alcohol.
  • Willing to work weekends and holidays besides working at night.
  • Although it works along with alcohol, the attitude must be positive. Besides that, the personality looks professional and charming.
  • Excellent skills in computers and basic math.
  • Ability to show exceptional skills in communicating and interpersonal.
  • It has strong abilities in time management and task.
  • It has detailed knowledge of beverage mixing techniques and equipment.
  • Ability and willingness work while standing, bending, and walking in a long period. Alongside that, a bartender must be strong to list items up to 25 lbs.

Those are nine liabilities and nine requirements on the bartender job description. Use it as the step to develop your barkeep job desk based on your business.



  • What is a Bartender?

Defining the meaning of bartender is easy only by seeing the performance. It is usually a man and stands behind a bar. Although he works for a hotel or restaurant, it always stands behind the bar.

  • What are the most common duties of a Bartender?

The bartender will mix alcoholic beverages and serve them after garnishing it. Besides beverages, the bartender must be willing to serve food to the customers.

  • What are the other names of Bartender?

Based on the job desk, a bartender has other names including barman, mixologist, and barkeep.


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