Behavior Intervention Plan Template

How to Develop a Behavior Intervention Plan Template

What is a behavior intervention plan template? At schools, a teacher doesn’t have a duty to deliver lesson materials to students. More than that, he or she must also monitor their actions and behaviors. Despite behaviors indeed play roles in forming their characters in the future, those things also influence whether they can absorb the materials well or not.

This is the main reason why a template to take note of their behaviors needs to create. Each student gets a sheet of the template that consists of indicators of how they behave and act at schools, inside or outside the classroom. Indicators can be different from one school to another. That’s why; you need to consider some matters below in developing the plan template.

Learning about General Students’ Characteristics

So, on what stage are your students? Are they elementary school or high school students? Of course, each stage of students has its own general characteristics. Running around in the classroom or even crying when you warn a student is reasonable for elementary school students. But if a high school student is doing them, you can consider him or her a little bit abnormal.

But whether they are elementary or high school students, there are some indicators that must be presented on the intervention plan template. What are they?

  1. Frequent Reminders

Does one of your students do an unaccepted action continuously? For example, he or she is joking around in an inappropriate time and the like? Then, you must remind him or her too often. Some of them may behave that way and some others may not. More importantly, this matter must be mentioned in the plan template.

  1. Bad Behaviors that Influence Knowledge Absorption

There are some students in which no matter how bad their behaviors, it doesn’t influence their knowledge absorption at all. They can still gain good marks and be considered smart. Unfortunately, some other students find it difficult to absorb materials due to their own behaviors. Sure, this is what you need to pay more attention to.

Determining the Time Duration

After finding indicators to place on the intervention plan template, you must also determine the time duration. For example, the template is used only for a month or a semester. The duration is mainly functioned to ease you in monitoring their development. If you see there are behavior changes on students to the better one, it means that the effort is successful.

Analyzing the Result

Although the result can be seen slightly using the time duration on the plan template, it is often not enough. A deeper analysis should be conducted to know how change can happen. Of course, there must be reasons for how student behavior is changed. Uniquely, when there are some students’ changes in the same period of time, the reason can be different.

It can be concluded that the behavior intervention plan is a very essential tool for the teacher. It is mainly if you want to monitor and analyze the student’s behavior even more. It also eases you more in giving the best treatments for them. This is how the behavior intervention plan template works.

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