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How to Create a Behavior Modification Plan Template Properly

Slightly different from behavior intervention, the behavior modification plan template refers to further actions a teacher must do after learning the students’ behavior intervention. So, after getting results from the first template (behavior intervention), your further actions are planned in the behavior modification plan template. It means that creating this template is way easier.

Since the template is generated from the behavior intervention one, there are possibilities that it can be different from one to a teacher who makes it to another. Differences are in terms of layout, indicators, and points. To ease your job, some tips below can be followed as references. Check them out.

Analyzing the results of the Behavior Intervention Plan

So, before you start to arrange the template of the behavior modification plan, you need to check the results of the behavior intervention plan first. It is no matter how you describe or explain the first plan. Some teachers prefer it being in the form scores while others like descriptions. From the results, you can acknowledge what appropriate responses and actions to do.

Determining Actions Following the First Plan’s Results

When results have been found, in fact, determining actions following them is not as easy as it seems. There must be various possible actions to take. However, not all of them may be appropriate for the classroom’s conditions. Further analysis is needed by using students’ characteristics as indicators. Additionally, examples of some actions are as follows.

  1. Praise

Praise is a very important action every teacher must do. It is a good solution for certain behaviors like low motivation and anxiety. However, it doesn’t mean that praises are given to all students. In case students have bravery in speaking up their opinions, praises are for them even if their opinions or answers may not completely correct.

  1. Attention

Different from praises, attention is given to all children although in different ways. For quiet students who tend to rarely speak up, attention is given by motivating them to answer questions and share their opinions. But for them who speak all the time, attention is in the form of asking them to let their friends have chances to share their thoughts also.

  1. Rewards and Punishment

Rewards don’t always mean in the form of a gift or present mainly if students are no longer children. Well, giving them additional scores is better. Meanwhile, the punishment given to them should also be fun. Punishment in the classroom is something students must avoid but in case they must do that, it doesn’t embarrass them.

Observing and Analyzing whether Actions Work or Not

When actions have been determined, it means that the template has been ready anyway. But of course, it has not yet finished. From the template, you will know whether the actions that have been done are working or not. It is seen from the change in students’ behaviors. Is the change significant? Is there any improvement to be a better person, and more?

How is the result still far from the expectation? You must change the action and create a new behavior modification plan template for a better result.

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