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Things to Know about a Behavior Plan Template at Schools

The behavior plan template, this term must be familiar enough if you are a teacher or often dealing with students. A teacher’s duty in the classroom is more than teaching materials to them. More than that, they need to educate them well to have better behavior. Similar to knowledge, good behaviors are important also for their future.

The template of a behavior plan is basically a general outline for many templates to analyze their behaviors. Teachers may divide it into some types of plans, for example, the behavior intervention plan and modification plan templates. There are also some teachers who include a template of a support plan, working very similarly to the modification one.

Why is a behavior plan template needed?

Measuring students’ behavior whether it is good or bad is not easy. It is even quite impossible to give a score to them. That’s why; to make a teacher’s job simpler regarding this point, a template of behavior plan is built up. It consists of indicators of their behaviors inside and outside the classroom. It includes their participation, ability to socialize with friends, and more.

Scoring is still used to ease the measurement. However, some teachers prefer using an explanation so that the student’s behavior can be described in detail. When their bad behaviors are known, it is easier as well to get solutions.

What are the types of the behavior plan template?

It is actually quite difficult to categorize behavior plans. They can be divided into some categories based on purposes and functions. However, some teachers prefer to provide one big template for various purposes. In case they divide the template, it is commonly decided only into 2 types.

  1. Behavior Intervention Plan

The plan template is mainly functioned to determine and analyze the students’ behaviors. Every student has its own sheet in which all indicators are written there. The teacher then mentions or gives scores related to their behavior. For students with a particular bad behavior, according to the teacher, it means that they need certain special treatments.

  1. Behavior Modification Plan

Results of the behavior intervention plan are used to arrange another behavior plan namely the behavior modification plan template. The template is used as references to “modify” students’ behaviors. So, the template consists of actions possibly done by teachers to have their students improve their behaviors.

What are the benefits of the behavior plan template?

The template itself is mainly beneficial as a reference to analyze and improve students’ behaviors. With the template, it is expected that the teacher’s job is getting easier. Moreover, as has been mentioned above, the behavior is something difficult to measure or assess. On the template, it is possible to give a score from 1-5 so that the process of analysis is getting simpler as well.

The behavior plan template is also often given to parents alongside the student’s report card. In many schools, it even has been a part of the card anyway. With this method, parents are able to not only monitor their children’s academic achievements but also their behavior.

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