Blank Lesson Plan Template

A Teacher’s Guide to Write a Blank Lesson Plan

Using a blank lesson plan template will help a lot to make a lesson plan. On the other hand, lesson planning is essential to implement the theme of the curriculum. It is important to make a defined lesson plan along with its objectives and goals.

Other than that, the progress needs to be measured so teachers know if the plan gives benefits to students or vice versa. You will need to consider the learning needs and styles of your class collectively and individually at the same time.

By that, you will understand how responsive your students during a certain plan. A lesson plan is also important because it helps the substitute teachers in case you cannot be in the class.

Key aspects in a lesson plan

Before filling a blank lesson plan, you need to figure out things that you will write. Essentially, there are a few key aspects you should write in it.

Objective learning goals

This will be the foundation of the plan you will fill during the semester. It is important to state the goal clearly and make sure you outline which knowledge, skill, or understanding that should be expected. Make sure the goals are measurable and realistic as well.


When you teach a class, you will need reliable materials so everyone can be advance in the lesson. In case your class needs certain materials like guitars, computers, and so on, make sure you reserve the room and make confirmation beforehand.

Instructions and procedure

Also, make sure that you have written the details about each activity. In case you want your student to find out the information later, you should write it down in the plan as well. The lesson plan should be readable by everyone who reads it.

Homework and assignments

This may have a lot to do with the lesson you will teach. And of course, this should be relevant to the lesson in the first place. Assignments and homework aim to extend learning for sure.

Effective Classroom Management

Generally, lesson planning will hold a big role to provide a stable classroom environment for students. In the end, it helps to support the learning process. Students tend to respond best to routines that can be predicted.

It will involve a series of awareness towards the process which will make them anticipate the next thing that would happen. Posting the lesson plan in several places would be a good idea so everyone could read it.

Bottom Line

When it comes to creating a lesson plan, an easier format would make it easier to read as well. Since everyone would read it, make sure you have included all the important details on the plan.

For a teacher, making a lesson plan might be a bit intimidating but you will find the beat once you have done it for a while. You will need to involve creativity and ideas. So, this is our tips for those who need helps to fill the blank lesson plan for the class.

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