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3 Phases to Include in a Business Continuity Plan Word

A business continuity plan word is a template of a document that consists of your plan in continuing a business or cooperation. It is made to help parties involved to reach an agreement related to the business. Of course, many points are included in the template. Generally, those points are the business goals, tools and equipment needed budgets, and more.

To make a template or a word document of the business continuity plan is considered difficult for some people. It is mainly because there are many things to include while those things must correlate and be relevant to each other. Acknowledging fully the materials of the business continuity is very essential. Here are some phrases to establish a business continuity plan.

Determining the Scope of the Plan

On this stage of a business continuity plan word, the scope is planned where all elements needed are noted and mentioned. Those elements are location, teamwork, tools and equipment, and budgets. The budgets must have involved other elements and they are planned well. It is to avoid any problems like over budgeting or even the lack of money available in the process.

Nowadays, many businesses cannot be separated from the role of the internet. Of course, this matter must be included in the plan also. No matter the type of your business, it must include some following matters. They are the LAN or WAN network as well as the computer server, data communication and telecommunication, work station, and both hardware and software.

Establishing Business Impact Assessments

The purpose of a business impact assessment is to help businessmen and other people involved understand the impact of unexpected events even in business. The impact itself can be in various forms, they are qualitative and quantitative forms. While qualitative deals with financial problems the quantitative one is more about the operational process. Besides, this phase has 3 main purposes.

  1. Prioritizing Criticality

Every business must have critical characteristics. It means that the business must be identified and classified based on certain priority scales. Side effects also need to evaluate. It is okay to have trouble this time. But later, similar trouble must not be experienced for the sake of business continuity.

  1. Downtime Estimation

A business impact assessment is made to help estimate a matter namely Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD). It is a condition where the maximum time needed by a company to recover is important to know. The longer it is, it means that the business has a more severe condition.

  1. Resources

Business’ resources in many forms are determined on this stage. When the business already passes through a complicated situation, resources to use are getting more and more also. The use of resources must be calculated well also to avoid further problems being experienced later.

Developing a Business Continuity Plan

After 2 stages above have been planned and designed, it is time to develop the business continuity plan. Developing the plan also means that you and your team have been ready with all consequences that may be experienced in the future. This is how a business continuity plan word works anyway. 

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